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  1. I will send my Client's custom orders within the inbox area. Once they accept the order, I will go to click the "View Order" button and instead of it taking me to the order itself, I am redirected to the https://www.fiverr.com/business page. Same goes if I click on the "order page" link. Instead of the order, it takes me to the https://www.fiverr.com/business page. Please fix this! Thanks 😄 See screenshot with red outlines.
  2. I would like to activate my promote gig feature, anyone can say what should I do?🤔🤔🤔
  3. Note: If your answer is Yes, to get your first order as a new seller, you must make the buyer request section your best domain. Then please tell me How to impress the buyer to get an order?
  4. It seems like with my voice over gigs things come in waves. Sometimes I get a bunch of orders and it's going great and other times it's slow. No matter what, I do my best to get the highest quality voice over for them and seeing a happy customer keeps me going even if it's one a day. Y'all find this to be the same for you? Things tend to wax and wane for you too when it comes to orders?
  5. Hello Everybody, I'm Anis & I'm Web Developer . I started selling on website before one & half month and I didn't get any order. I do many web programming services sush as converting psd to html , creating landing pages , fix bugs & more but I didn't get any order. This is my porofile: https://www.fiverr.com/anismekhaba
  6. Hi, Any experienced seller please review my profile and find where the problem is found. I didn't receive order on fiverr from last 2-3 Months. I don't exactly know what's the issue on my gigs. Didn't get too much impressions or clicks. Although account health is good and I'm available online for almost 12-15 Hrs. https://www.fiverr.com/assistant_va Need Your Assistance Please Guide Thanks!
  7. I create account 1 years ago and publish gig but i don't fount order. How can i get order
  8. Hi, I got the idea to create a website for my fiverr account. This is because when I buy a promo for my fiverr account, I will have a lot of impressions and few clicks and my concert will go down. But if I have a lot of impressions on the site and only a few people click on my fiverr account, there is a chance that they will buy my service. It's a good idea ?
  9. Can anyone help me how to get more orders/clicks on fiverr.com?
  10. iam a new seller i got clicks and impression but not getting orders since last month kindly help.check my gig if there any problem kindly guide me.thnaks
  11. Hello, I set my profile to out of office while I'm on vacation and got a new order. I cannot find where it lists my status on the app but logged back into the web version of Fiverr and I'm still listed as out of office. So how did this order get placed? Thankfully, I can get this done in a few days but the OOO mode doesn't seem to be working.
  12. Hi friends i need a lil help i am remaining online maximum time of the day but still not getting orders. I am sending the buyers request. Can please any one discuss with me why not I am getting response.
  13. Hi Elders I'm new to the platform, I have activated two Gigs and I would like your advice on how to be successful in this world. Thank you
  14. Greetings Every One! I have been on fiverr from couple of years now and have maintained my level two status from over a year now. I recently got a notification about getting my ID verified - i tried getting it done but it did not work - and my gigs got denied - with a struggle of over a month i got my gigs back but i am not receiving close to no orders. What can I do to get the volume back ? Any Suggestions ? My Profile is https://www.fiverr.com/jeffry_dot?up_rollout=true
  15. Hi Im level one seller but can't gain order from last 3 months
  16. Hi, This is my gig: https://www.fiverr.com/romatiberius/create-youtube-gaming-thumbnails-using-canva I want to know, what is it that I'm doing wrong here? Is it the pricing? Is it the description? Or have I not done good research and there are better creators out creating better than the stuff I have? I've been reading some of the great advice given here to market your gig, but where do you market it? Twitter? Youtube? Or does it depend on any individual process of how a seller chooses to advertise his product? Please advise, Thank you.
  17. Hello, In my opinion Fiverr is not caring enough about their sellers. I had a order and the buyer had made a mistake so he wanted to reorder. He contacted the Fiverr support to cancel it (wasnt at my mobile at this moment) and saw a message, that the order has been canceled by the Fiverr Support. Imagine I wouldve done already work for him? So Fiverr just comes and cancels it without asking me if everything is fine? Why does the feature to request to cancel an order on the Sellers and Buyers site exist then? I think this is outrageous. Without us this platform wouldnt exist and I think this is unfair. This is just my opinion on the topic, thanks. I didnt make a loss as I didnt start working on that order yet, but I dont want to know what happens if Fiverr just cancels a 30h job just because the buyer doesnt want it anymore, this is not how it should work.
  18. Due to one below average order, my overall positive rating is 4.5, but I need 4.7 to get Buyer Requests back. After two 5 star+good reviews+tips orders, I haven't gotten any other orders, and I can't use Buyer Requests either. What am I supposed to do? Is there any way I can use Buyer Requests again?
  19. My Gig is in first page but it is not receiving contacting what can I do?
  20. Hi Elders I'm new to the platform, I have activated two Gigs and I would like your advice on how to be successful in this world. Thank you
  21. Lets share our thought on the scale of optimization
  22. Greetings to everyone at the Fiverr Forum. I am Tipu Sultan, I am the new seller. I've already created a gig on Fiverr. Please everyone advise me on my gig impressions, more clicks and how to get a faster order.
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