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  1. Can a gig with a single negative review get orders in the future? What is your opinion?
  2. I would like to activate my promote gig feature, anyone can say what should I do?🤔🤔🤔
  3. Hello Community, Can someone help give me any advice in order to get some orders? What should I change? Or add? And how can I let people know about my Gig. Thank you in advance. https://www.fiverr.com/share/5Vzvy6
  4. My gig shows 3 gigs on the 2nd page and 1 g on the 1st page. But why can't I get an order.
  5. I'm a level2 seller. My sell day by day decreasing. For at least 10-12 days, I don't get any message from any buyer. I have promoted options open for one of my gigs and I set the CPC rate high also. What's the problem with me? I noticed while I search my gig with filtering by "online seller", I can't see my gig. I need the best solution here. Can anyone help me out here to grow my business?
  6. Hello everyone, Hope all are well. Mostly asked question or tips are looking for that how a new seller will get more orders on Fiverr marketplace. So I follow some rules that works for me, I hope that will help you to achieve success on Fiverr marketplace in a very short time So Let's get started, 1. Create a professional gig title with searchable tags (low competition) and a meaningful title - For my case, When i create a gig I always follow to use the low competition gig keywords with a meaningful line, and also try to push as much as I can push the keywords to the gig title. That helps me a lot to get ranked asap. 2. Do highly SEO of your gig description and other stuffs like images, packages etc. - That's a better way to get ranked 3. See the long vision - In this Fiverr marketplace there are so many sellers are providing their services, To generate more sales and attract new buyers you should have to do something new and unique. For that you should do social media marketing and unique idea marketing with helpful content. I will recommend you to make a target to rank your profile and gig on Google search too. For that you can do blogging also. 4. Provide highly skilled work to your client with a affordable price (Only for new seller) Others can choose their high budget - Remember in Fiverr Mobile Application there is an option of Average Earning, You should decide the price the high price of that one That's all are the rules I always follow to gig my profile and gig ranking. Try once all of these rules, I hope you will find your success asap. Thanks to all Have a nice day
  7. There are some steps to get impressions, clicks , & order also on your specific gig 1) Title focus in title (should be small & meaningable sense of your title) put the keyword according to your feild and put a rough word with it i will design custom websites from scratch design website is a keyword but i put a rough word in it these type of title goes up and provide you best impressions on your gig Target is most important partt of your gig in which feild you targeted 2) Category selection 3) Keywords 4) Description In your description title keyword must be add 2 to 3 times and that make a prefect line using of that keyword 5)Images should be attractive (712x 430) 6)Add video 7)portfolio pdf your gig will get impressions, clicks,& orders also 🙂 you can check my 1 week impressions & click using this technique. Kind Regards, Pixels_360
  8. I am really frustrated now!! When will I get my first most awaiting Order ? How can I get order from fiverr client? What do you do? Please let me know
  9. Hello guys, I've got about 30 clicks in recent 2 weeks on this gig but no orders! Yes! I'm really worried about this therefore I came here to get help from you people. Please take a look and help me improve my gig. https://www.fiverr.com/s2/5163aabd91 I'll be very grateful to you...
  10. Hello guys, I've got about 30 clicks in recent 2 weeks on this gig but no orders! Yes! I'm really worried about this therefore I came here to get help from you people. Please take a look and help me improve my gig. https://www.fiverr.com/s2/5163aabd91 I'll be very grateful to you...
  11. It has been three months since starting my account but I get not any orders .l.....
  12. Hello, It has been almost a week, I have created an account. I have not received a single order yet. Can anyone help me with this? Can anyone look into my profile and share suggestions if needs any chagnes? Here is my profile link : https://www.fiverr.com/artizens I even tried almost 50 buyer's requestes and I have not even got a message. Additionally, I am not able to see any requested on the buyer request section even though I have almost 9 request pending for today. Thanks in advance
  13. I'm a designer, I completed 354 orders / 249 reviews , and i use Fiverr ads, I'm a Fiverr member since April 2020 i used to receive orders, but in few months the ORDERS ARE DECREASED and i stop getting orders like before , or even getting new messages from new clients, the same thing for you too ? Can anyone please tell me why or what can it be the reason? Thank you ❤️
  14. 🥇Congratulation on your achievement. Level-1 is one of the most important stage in Fiverr journey. To enjoy this stage you must ensure these points: Amazing gig image and video, specially the primary gig image/video. Killer sales converting gig description. Awesome work quality. Best support to your buyers. Great with repeat business opportunity. Know some facts before you know more about the adventure of the Level-1 stage. TRS is a manual process so not every people get it though they complete the requirements to be nominated for TRS (Top Rated Seller), So I'm skipping TRS part from this post. And also skipping the new seller. This post only for Level1 and level 2 comparison. Number of Level 2 sellers are double than level 1 sellers usually in Fiverr for maximum categories. When anyone search with a specific keyword in fiver, Fiver shows a list of gigs for 20 pages (sometimes 21 pages) for that specific search keyword. Each page contain 48 gig means total 960 gigs for maximum for a specific keywords. So basically ranking is actually are you listed within this 960 (maximum) or not. According to my personal opinion based on research for a year, There is always a competition in ranking and metrics within the level as well. It means competition between sellers within other same level sellers. So when you're in a specific level, your ranking will depends on how good your gig, your work, your reputation than all other sellers from that specific level. There is some quota for each level and also shuffling system to give opportunity to others. So by using that quota if you're one of the best one in active list/waiting list, you will be enlisted within this 960 gigs. It could be from page 1 to page 20 anything. That's the reason you see mixture level sellers in search result. Facts of Level 1 seller stage you should know: (Once you go best with above points) Level 1 is mostly get good at ranking and easier. as I said number of level 1 seller is about half of level 2 seller. And your first competitors are Level 1 sellers and also you are blessed with a good numbers of quota for each specific keywords you're using. So the low competition for ranking than a level 2 seller. Level 2 requirements are far ahead than level 1. $2000, 50 orders and 120 days selling seniority is the main difference than all other level. So you're getting a long way to establish yourself with low competition. With this low competition advantage you can establish your reputation, create great opportunity for repeat business with numerous buyers. This is the actual key to run smoothly when you will be promoted to the most competitive stage level 2. Pricing is not directly related to the level actually. For pricing phenomena, you can read more at You must ensure the Awesome work quality, best support to take the advantage of this stage. Generally I will suggest to be more dedicated in this stage. Good performance as a level 1 seller will be more effective in your level 2 stage. As number of level 2 sellers are higher, so there will be huge competition and also you're in a competition with newly promoted to level 2 seller and already established highly reputed level 2 sellers. So I suggest you to get yourself perfectly ready to face the challenge of Level-2 seller with a great achievement of buyer network, repeat business, work quality, best support within this level 1 ***Again repeating, this all are my personal opinion based on my personal research. I am not an official person and also, I do not guarantee that this is the facts Fiverr follow. Thank you.
  15. I took a break from Fiverr due to my studies, I was doing well on Fiverr and I didn't want to stop but due to essential requirements I had to pause my Fiverr gigs. I finished my studies and exams about two months ago but I cannot seems to get back orders as it was before. I tried editing my gig and uploading new info to the gig but it not working at the moment. If anyone started Fiverr after a break I would love to know what are the things that helped you to get back the impressions and engagements as before. Thank you. Hardy.
  16. I am New Freelancer I started a few days ago and I anxiously waiting to work with someone.
  17. Hi everyone,, I am a Fiverr seller. I completed 14 orders, With a five-star review. But unfortunately I have not been able to keep active for the last one year. Now, I have no work in This profile. Can I get a new job this profile? Please Help me!!!!!!!!
  18. Hi everyone! I have been on Fiverr since 2 years and when I started, I used buyer requests to get my first few orders. They were pretty effective and I was able to get organic orders after which I did not use the buyer requests feature. Recently I had to take a break due to a personal emergency and lost my level status. Now, when I am applying to buyer requests, I am getting no response whatsoever. Even the quality of requests have gone done to make them look ingenuine. Have y'all been using buyer requests recently? What's your take on how a new seller/one that has taken a break can start receiving orders on the platform? -Cheers!
  19. Hello, I have read all the rules and ways to get the first ranking I create professional gigs and professional profile Is there a secret in that because I see that most sellers do rank the gigs
  20. Why doesn't my account work? Someone please help me .
  21. I want to get the order for my gig. I try my best and apply daily on Buyer Request but there's no response. Please check my gigs and tell me if there is any mistake. https://www.fiverr.com/virsolinc_2021/design-eye-catching-logo-and-brand-identity https://www.fiverr.com/virsolinc_2021/be-your-linkedin-manger https://www.fiverr.com/virsolinc_2021/provide-a-profitable-digital-marketing-plan-and-strategy https://www.fiverr.com/virsolinc_2021/elegant-and-stunning-brochures
  22. Hello, I have been wondering why Fiverr buyers will come to my gigs, view what I have to offer, and then leave without messaging. What do you think I can do to start getting messages?
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