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  1. Clearly they are doing it to avoid any possible chargebacks. Even if people are TRS, they can still have "nasty" buyers that want to game the system. 7 days is enough honestly, and if you need it quickly, you have that faster withdrawal fee. It's nice that there are options, at least.
  2. This is for the Seller Plus program. If you pay the $29 per month you get all those benefits. Including the 7-day clearance. I can confirm, orders completed starting Friday-Sunday started to have a 7-day clearance. Which is great. What you're saying is what would normally happen. But if you are a part of this program, you are getting a few benefits like this.
  3. This is a broad topic. Every person has their own "therapy". For some people it's actively going to a therapist. For me, I focus a lot on my hobbies. I enjoy some videogames, especially role playing games that send me to other worlds and remove all the stress. There's also reading, music, etc. Whatever makes you happy. That's what helps me when it comes to tough times. When it comes to staying productive.. that varies as well. Instrumental music helps me focus a lot. And honestly, it all comes down to staying organized and taking breaks.
  4. This is only if you are a Seller Plus member and pay $29 per month so...
  5. I believe that's the same for me, an order that was marked as complete today has its clearance on August 1st. That's nice. Thank you for clearing this. I was very confused.
  6. I assume what I have to do is to ask my success manager. I am not a top rated seller, I was for many years, but I am a level 2 seller now. I assume that 7-day clearance is a feature for all seller plus members, not top rated sellers, right? Otherwise, why would they advertise it?
  7. I received an email on Tuesday but this was not mentioned at all. Just the tools they added 2 months ago, nothing new.
  8. I was checking the Seller Plus page and I saw that they are offering a 7-day earnings clearance instead of 14 days. I went to my earnings, and everything is still clearing in 14 days. Does this need to be upgraded manually? Or is it not implemented yet? Does anyone have the 7-day clearance (I am talking to follow Seller Plus users). I feel that if this is advertised, it should actually be active, and that's not the case for me. I created this topic to see if it's just me who doesn't have a 7-day earning clearance yet.
  9. I am trying to deliver an order for 20 minutes now, and files are not uploading at all. They seemingly do, but when I try to deliver, it's not marking the order as delivered. Are you guys dealing with the same issue?
  10. I don't see what would customer support do here. The transaction is finished, so they can't penalize the seller or refund the buyer. Maybe the seller had a bad experience and blocked the buyer, I suspect that would be the case here.
  11. I wouldn't recommend. As I said, i was just friendly with the buyer!and genuinely wanted to help him. But I don't really "hunt' any orders on the forum or anything.
  12. I believe you can leave a 5 star review from mobile without actually saying anything and it says outstanding experience. I think that was the case a while ago when a buyer did this for one of my orders. I could be wrong though.
  13. Not at all. I joined the conversation created by that person. And he browsed my profile, saw I am a writer and he asked me if I can write some stuff for him. I never advertised anything.
  14. I am one of the few that actually got orders from the forum. There were 2 people that ordered from me. The first one turned out to be either a scammer or a person with extremely high requirements considering his budget, so that order got refunded and I blocked him because at least in my eyes, he was unreasonable. The second person was great, he placed 3 orders with me for a project, and he said he will be back whenever he needs more. So.. orders from the forum can be a double-edged sword. 🙂
  15. If you cancel the order, you could actually finish the work anyway and use it as a portfolio sample 🙂 See the bright side.
  16. I don't accept more than 1500 words per order. It says that even in the gig package, where I was forced to add it because people ignore it. What we need is a way to stop people from ordering gig multiples. Other platforms like SEOClerk have that, so you can easily block gig multiples unless you have a long deadline and can support that. This should be a default option... As I said most of my cancellations and issues come from this type of problem, which can be solved by Fiverr.
  17. That's absolutely true. Unfortunately there are buyers that manipulate the ordering system to get their work faster and without a way to lock gigs and not have gig multiples, I ended up with a person actually requesting 5 articles that would normally be delivered in 20 days based on their length in just 2-3 days. He didn't reply to my extensions, even if he was online, and after sending teh first 2, he immediately went to customer support and canceled the first order. After sending 80% of the work, so basically all except the last one, he started finding all kinds of random reasons that my content is not ok. So now I am forced to cancel the other 4 orders. 5 cancellations for no reason other than a person trying to get free work and manipulating the system for that. Regardless, it will still damage my account. The reason why I am sharing this story is because there will always be some buyers trying to get free work, and in the end you will have it canceled or you will deal with bad reviews. In my case, I just prefer to refund him and move on. Clearly this is the right approach.. even if it will still have consequences.
  18. Unfortunately it's not that simple. Although Fiverr has a Block button now.. so that helps.
  19. I had a dude order from me 15 times or so, each time great reviews, and then after 2 years he did some black hat SEO most likely and started blaming me that his site was removed from Google. He had an open order, he insulted me and canceled that, and he also started manipulating me, saying that he will do whatever he can to tarnish my reputation. Keep in mind that some of the work I did was not only on the first page of Google, it was the first link. So he already received plenty of business. In the end, he went to customer support, continued to insult me and threaten me. CS at that time told me to just try and solve the issue together. So I ended up refunding $300 worth of work. What I wanted to say.... once he was refunded he disappeared and after a year, he came back wanting to work with me and calling me "friend". At that point, I was... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? So there are things that can be way worse. At the end of the day, canceling is always the right option. In my case it was a significant amount of work, I decided to just cancel and move on.
  20. Stealing those is part of it. If they decide to give a bad review, it's hard to prove that they were actually maleficent. So at that point, canceling is better since you are dodging a bullet.
  21. When that's the case, just cancel. It's not going to hurt that much unless you cancel a lot of orders. I just had to cancel an order now because the buyer started the order and in the order requirements he just said "cancel the order"... He could have left it inactive and use the order whenever... but he specifically wanted to hurt my ratings or something... otherwise why would you activate an order just to say you would cancel it..
  22. Sure, but you can't really prove that. And since customer support doesn't really take the work quality into consideration... It's better to just cancel and move on.
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