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  1. I am pretty sure it’s 10 days. And the 3 days until the order autocompletes as well.
  2. Hy Ran Since I caught you here, I also want to signal another, major issue that a lot of sellers are dealing with. Many buyers are using the “multiples” function without contacting the seller first. Even if I say I am not offering more than 2000 words per order everywhere on my gig page… customers can easily order 10x or even 20x my gig amount, since that’s automatically an option from Fiverr. 11180×474 55.3 KBAs you can see from the attachment, this person ordered the gig without my consent, and I can do nothing about it, other than work on it or deal with a penalty for canceling the order. I hope you guys can add a way for us to lock gig multiples as a seller. Otherwise, we end up with needless cancellations and a whole lot more pressure on us to deliver the work, which leads to low quality results. Please consider adding a way for sellers to lock gig multiples, because there are many of us dealing with this problem.
  3. Most likely you will not have your account back. Fiverr will assess your account to see if they will allow you to get back. But since you broke the rules and sold stuff that’s not allowed on Fiverr… most likely you will be banned. Maybe you get lucky, but considering what you sold and stuff…
  4. You are not allowed to offer such a service. It’s against YouTube’s own terms of service.
  5. It seems Fiverr is looking into some shenanigans you did. It says you violated a third party’s terms of service. What were you selling?
  6. Exactly what I wanted to say. That’s not a buyer, just a creep. 🙂
  7. You’re in a very saturated category. And you’re new, so instead of trying to get bulk orders at this stage, I would be happy that I am getting orders 🙂
  8. I like how people self-promote, disturb others, then they believe they were unfairly banned…
  9. The reality is that you joined at a time when everyone wants to work online and make money due to the pandemic. I am a writer, there were a few thousand writers when I joined in 2014, there were 19k writers at the start of the pandemic (in the articles and blog posts section I mean), and now in a year and a few months since the last count there are 50k writers. And for some things like logo design it’s even worse.
  10. No one knows this. Only customer support can help you, because they know all the Fiverr rules and what needs to be done. If you postpone it and don’t contact them right now… that’s on you 🙂
  11. Staying active on Fiverr doesn’t do anything. You are just wasting time if you’re waiting for orders.
  12. Try to get your ID verified. Talk with customer support, explain your situation and they will guide you through the process. Plan with a positive outcome in mind.
  13. You can lose it due to a variety of things. If any of the stats goes under 90% on the 15th every month, you lose it. That means not replying to messages, late orders or cancellations will all going to be a problem. So that’s what you need to focus on. Honestly, it’s quite unfair since anyone can have a bad month. In my case I had surgery and I had more cancellations than I should to keep everything over 90%. It was also when Fiverr added this monthly evaluation thing. Anyway, I didn’t see any difference in sales, if anything things have gotten better. So being a TRS doesn’t mean that much unless you want to charge a lot of money for your work and you need all the credibility and stuff to show you are worth the higher price.
  14. You are not a part of Fiverr Pro, you’re just level 2, this is a bit misleading don’t you think? 🙂
  15. I fully understand you. I have more than 20k sales here on the platform, I never asked for a tip. People give a tip if they believe you deserve it. The problem here doesn’t seem to be that they asked for a tip. The issue as far as I can see is that they increased the price on purpose, asking more than what was advertised…
  16. Fiverr picks you manually. I’ve been eligible for years after losing TRS, never got it back. So…
  17. Increase the delivery times. Also, raise your prices. Fiverr doesn’t allow this, you do.
  18. Hi @luisggutierrez I am a writer here as well. You can click on my profile, check my gigs and reviews, if you want I can also share some samples with you. I did write for your niche before, so I will gladly help you. If you’re interested, let me know.
  19. Well I don’t see any difference between being a TRS and Level 2, and I’ve been both.
  20. No it doesn’t. There are level 1 sellers that charge 5 times I charge. Yes, pro level sellers can go up to $10000, but even if you are level 2 you can charge up to $1000 if I am not mistaken. There’s no pricing limit based on levels. What I was saying is that you must have a competitive price, it doesn’t matter if you’re level 2 or TRS that much!
  21. I lost it in 2018, didn’t get it back ever since. No effect on sales or number of clients, if anything I am better now than during the TRS days. It comes down to the pricing and work quality…
  22. There’s no limit. You can get 1000 orders, if you are lucky. The question is, can you handle that???
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