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  1. You can’t withdraw until you verify the account. Sure, you are finishing the order, but the customer has 3 days to reply and there are also 14 days for the funds to be ready for withdrawal. So you have to verify your account… Talk to customer support, they know better, but as far as I know this is how the system works.
  2. It’s better to wait for input from your customers. Contacting them might be perceived like nagging/bothering, you never know who’s on the other side. If they need something, they will let you know. At least that’s how I treat it, and I didn’t have any issues.
  3. 100% agreeing with Frank here. If they need something from you, then will definitely ask for a revision. Or they will thank you. I try to avoid disturbing customers, I know everyone is busy, not to mention we are working with lots of timezones. So, I just wait for any input!
  4. Once you deliver there’s no problem with the countdown. You just have to make the initial delivery on time, your stats won’t be affected if you are required to do a revision. I waited in revision mode for 2 weeks for someone, that was no problem. Yes, that’s one of the “marvels” of freelancing. I’ve been here for many years and it happened to me a few times. I agree, when someone is hard to work with I prefer to cancel. It doesn’t happen as often, which is great.
  5. Well you can charge for more revisions and tell your customers that the revision limit was reached.
  6. Are you sure you didn’t add a zero to that? I saw you have 1.5k orders, so I am pretty sure that’s an extra zero right there.
  7. Well, instead of receiving bad reviews from stupid buyers, it’s better to not have a review at all. I don’t believe 3 bad reviews will make your journey better. With that in mind, you are lucky to have 90% of the orders rated. I believe for me that’s at 62% or something like that.
  8. I would disagree. There are successful full time freelancers on fiverr including myself. Anyone can work on fiverr. What kind of help do you expect from fiverr? And what rights do you think you need to get? Me too 🙂
  9. That’s not a bad review. Anything under 2.7 is considered a negative review.
  10. They went to Fiverr support and canceled it most likely. Yes, someone can go to customer support to cancel an order. And if Fiverr thinks the reason is valid, they will refund the buyer by canceling your order.
  11. If the buyer doesn’t need that anymore, what can you do? Fiverr can’t interfere… It’s that guy’s money. Unless he asks for the work and he cancels, then flees, but that’s something different.
  12. What do you consider “spam reviews?” :thinking: I am a proofreader and I have 10 different proofreading gigs. One for letter, one for blogs and articles, one for esl and the like. Those are not considered gigs for the same services. I don’t know OPs situation, but I did see accounts that all have the same image style for their gig image, similar description and the profile image is all made out of things like “AAAA+++ writer” and variations of that. Clearly there are people creating multiple gigs and using VPN and other stuff to try and circumvent the system. I am also sure this is not only in the writing section…
  13. That’s exactly the thing. If you have a lot of sales, a few cancellations here and there or some later orders don’t matter. I have those every month, it’s something that happens when you process lots of orders. Some people try to cheat the system, others just change their mind and want to cancel before you order, etc. Anyway, if you don’t have a lot of orders, then any canceled or late order can end up affecting your stats quite a bit. So it’s actually normal to deal with this if you had a cancellation. It takes time for your account to recover from that. All you can do is to receive more orders and complete them properly.
  14. These stats are covering what you did in the past 60 days. Obviously the more work you got in the last 60 days, the higher the stats go. But it’s normal to vary, because as you advance, the last 60 days monitored advance as well. And some of those completed orders of yours will not be taken into consideration.
  15. I didn’t. Are you sharing your computer with someone that has a Fiverr account as well?
  16. I think you misunderstand what this is about. It’s a feature that tells you there are buyer requests available. That’s all. It gives notifications in your inbox. You won’t stand out or anything if you apply. It’s just a notification system.
  17. Well Seller Plus people are paying for extra features, so it’s obviously something that would fit the program. As you can see above, it’s very annoying. I checked the program page right away and sure enough, I stopped those notifications after I received the first “batch”
  18. Check my post here You will be able to stop all buyer request notifications, or at least customize the way you want.
  19. It does depend on the price, however. Many buyers that want this type of work are usually cheapskates.
  20. @marinapomorac Are you a part of the Seller Plus program? I assume you are. Go to the Seller Plus Program page. There you have Manage Buyer Request Notifications. And… do this 11169×895 64.8 KB
  21. It’s hard to say. I had around 130 cancellations within 2 months at one point because a lot of people tried to buy from me but they had payment problems. At that time, no one had any other issue. So it might very well be a payment problem. Yes, there were that many cancellations… Thankfully they didn’t demote me, since it seems the system didn’t take them into consideration. On the other hand, I was removed from search for 2 months, so that really messed things up. Needless to say, I didn’t know people had cancellation problems until someone ended up contacting me and talking about the issue.
  22. Yes, which is why you should always share custom offers that expire in a day or two. I had the same issue. Just change the expiry date for your offers, set it to a day or two. This way you have control. If they want to order in a week, they can ask for an offer then.
  23. I am a writer myself. I don’t take this type of job because it’s time-consuming and it’s never worth it. So yes, I would cancel if it was me. But you know your stats here and how much a cancellation can affect them!
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