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  1. I believe reporting automatically blocks the person anyway. So it doesn't make sense to leave the blocking option there.
  2. Spending time waiting won't give you anything!
  3. Well I doubt the username is Univeler, Samsung or whatever company that might be. You can show that off in your images or portfolio depending on the category. Again, this seems like a feature for those Pro sellers or Top Rated Sellers that were lucky to work with top tier brands. It's useless for those with a lower price point. 🙂 At least that's what I think.
  4. Well, if you already reported the person or tried to block him already, the block button disappears. It might also be that they blocked you already, that's why you can't block them back.
  5. How does showing certain clients boost your sales? If anything, it might end up making other people unhappy that you don't see them as your most important clients...
  6. There's a topic right now which is quite relevant to this post. Do we really need to see that X gets his 3rd, 4th, 249th or 1532nd sale? This category is about your Fiverr experience, the ups and downs of being on Fiverr, not just randomly announcing you received a new order and trying to manipulate the system to self-promote. Maybe it's just me, but these topics shouldn't really exist. Why would someone continually share they got a new sale? No one cares, and many users will just say congrats to get one step closer to that Forum level 🙂 So.. yeah..
  7. It all depends on what you use it for. In the case of some niches, you barely receive an order. Other niches, just like @katakaticasaid, are full of competitors. Writing, design would be a few that come to mind.
  8. It only shows 1k reviews, no matter if you have 1001 reviews or 50000 reviews.
  9. It seems you created the custom order, so you are ok with that price. Lol.
  10. If the order is not started, it won't affect you at all. The issues appear when he starts the order but doesn't send any info. Just wait for the guidelines.
  11. Improve your skills, learn new ones and create more gigs.
  12. Actually that's the opposite. Canceling orders as a new seller is much better than having a bad review. If you have a 1-star review and that's your only review, the chances of getting new work are 0. Cancellations are tracked for 60 days, so you can easily get past that penalty in 2 months. But reviews stay with you forever.
  13. Seriously? Copying others will just push you at the bottom of the barrel. How many times I have to say that this is USELESS and you are WASTING TIME!!!!!!
  14. Pricing doesn't matter when it comes to ranking. I like that you said you need to make a smart gig image. Are there non-smart gig images? The staying online thing.. come on.. it will never matter. You can stay 25 hours per day as far as Fiverr is concerned... that won't rank you higher.
  15. There are many talented people that can't afford to pay $29 per month. So having a high price point as an entry fee will just encourage people to outsource and sell at a higher price here to avoid fees. So it's not really a solution.
  16. Agreed. Anything to make a quick buck. That's why there are 200k+ graphic designers on Fiverr, and I am pretty sure more than half are people using tools and templates to create generic stuff and which have no talent in this field. Same with writing and other fields. People lie just to make a quick buck, and I had a lot of customers that were disappointed by others coming to me.. so I know very well how many buyers feel...
  17. Always focus on yourself first, as a freelancer. I've been doing this for almost a decade, and if you don't take good care of yourself, you break down fast.
  18. No problem. As far as I can see, recent orders started with the 7-day clearance, which is cool. I'll have to see what happens with the others.
  19. Clearly they are doing it to avoid any possible chargebacks. Even if people are TRS, they can still have "nasty" buyers that want to game the system. 7 days is enough honestly, and if you need it quickly, you have that faster withdrawal fee. It's nice that there are options, at least.
  20. This is for the Seller Plus program. If you pay the $29 per month you get all those benefits. Including the 7-day clearance. I can confirm, orders completed starting Friday-Sunday started to have a 7-day clearance. Which is great. What you're saying is what would normally happen. But if you are a part of this program, you are getting a few benefits like this.
  21. This is a broad topic. Every person has their own "therapy". For some people it's actively going to a therapist. For me, I focus a lot on my hobbies. I enjoy some videogames, especially role playing games that send me to other worlds and remove all the stress. There's also reading, music, etc. Whatever makes you happy. That's what helps me when it comes to tough times. When it comes to staying productive.. that varies as well. Instrumental music helps me focus a lot. And honestly, it all comes down to staying organized and taking breaks.
  22. This is only if you are a Seller Plus member and pay $29 per month so...
  23. I believe that's the same for me, an order that was marked as complete today has its clearance on August 1st. That's nice. Thank you for clearing this. I was very confused.
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