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  1. That's not how it works. Fiverr staff have to manually choose you, which might be this month or never. So.. I wouldn't raise my hopes up, if it happens, it happens 🙂
  2. You have to remember one thing. Seller Plus is not free. It costs you $30 per month or something like that.
  3. 100% agreed. You're rather new and you're already trying to cheat the system? That's not ok, no matter the level you have. It's against the rules.
  4. I agree. I always try to learn new things all the time, boost my writing skills and also try out new hobbies. In my case, this is the recipe for staying both happy and productive.
  5. I agree. People come here expecting professional work, regardless of the price they pay for it. They don't use their hard-earned money on a random dude trying to learn something new.
  6. The buyer placed the order, asked for a revision and never came back. It's more common than you imagine.
  7. Staying active online is a massive waste of time. Go ahead and improve your skills, do something and don't just wait for orders. They won't fall on your lap.
  8. Stop sharing this as it doesn't help at all.
  9. You can get a lot more orders on FIBER by eating fiber. You can get a lot more orders on FIVERR by working hard and being above all the other sellers 🙂
  10. Well you can try and find out. For me it only stopped promoting when I stopped the gig. I avoid changing my gig images or anything else unless I absolutely have to.
  11. You most likely opened multiple pages at once. Just complete the captcha and you will have access to the dashboard.
  12. Fiverr won't be able to catch them all. It's not a used name if you add a few letters to it. I had a lot of people impersonate me here and probably many that I didn't find, so I for one don't agree with username changes. Granted, people like you and others would need it. But on the other hand, there will be thousands more that would use it for bad things. So.. it would do more harm than good.
  13. Or you just think properly from the beginning and choose the right name. 🙂 As I said, if you do rebrand, old reviews will mention your old name and it will be confusing for new buyers. That's why there's no name change. Anyway, while it does hurt people that rebrand themselves... the thing is, a lot of people would manipulate the system and change their name often, trying to copy the name of succesful sellers and then include an asterisk, line or whatever at the name of that seller. I had many impersonators and people copying my gigs, so I can definitely see how the name change would be manipulated.
  14. The username is final. You chose it yourself when you created your account. Why would you want to change it? You need to think hard before you submit the username, as it's final. Plus, it would be unprofessional to change the username, as people would just believe you are someone else. What if I changed my current username to happyflower3025? Customers would be confused and they would see me as unprofessional.
  15. It doesn't matter what it says there. The seller will be penalized for the order cancellation anyway, no matter if the buyer or seller initiated the cancellation. So even if it's a bug or not, in the end the seller will be affected.
  16. No Everyone claiming they can, they have no idea. Gigs are shared on the first page based on performance. And they are changing those gigs on the first page every few days, if not daily. So all you need to do is to have the best performance, great reviews, little to no cancellations, little to no late orders and no warnings.
  17. This was a reply to another user's theory. I know you can buy and sell within the same category, but thanks 🙂
  18. You are not allowed to have two accounts. You are not allowed to use two different accounts on the same IP. If you live together and share the same IP, you can't have two accounts selling the same thing. So in Fiverr's eyes, they clearly think you created 2 accounts, which is against the rules. Not only that, but even if they would allow it since you are 2 different persons (provided you talked with them before creating her account), you are not allowed to both sell the same stuff via 2 different account. It's considered abuse, as per Fiverr's terms of service.
  19. I mean.. you could buy from Fiverr and not rate the seller. That way you don't have to worry about the seller rating you and showing it on your page... This way you get to avoid the issue and still buy from Fiverr.
  20. Fiverr would shoot themselves in the foot if they would do that. In my case, I am a writer, but I don't write any legal content for example. So if I want to buy any writing content that's legal in nature, I would be blocked. Needless to say, they won't do that. I am ok with the idea of showing what you buy and what you sell. It shows transparency, and it also shows any abuse. You can see if people are buying within the same niche often, when they buy, and when you receive your work. So you can see who outsources and who lies about working on that themselves. I actually caught a few outsources that are saying they "work on their own". Obviously that's not the case.
  21. I know, but that's the way it is. Fiverr wants to show transparency. And there's a reason for that. There are a lot of people buying and reselling, by showing purchases and reviews, a potential buyer gets to identify resellers and stay away from them. I assume that's why they are doing this in the first place.
  22. Fiverr just launched a new order page design/layout, and now it seems they are testing it, I was able to switch to it today... what do you think about it? I for one.. am not a fan. People already have a hard time sending requirements, having multiple tabs just makes it a lot harder for those without any IT knowledge to share requirements, so I am sure it will be a blast to explain everyone how to add requirements, how to activate the order, etc. It does look clean, I give it that. What do you guys think, did you try this?
  23. You can't have 2 accounts. You can buy with your current account.
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