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  1. Hello everyone my question is about search rankings, so as far as I know if you get a bad comment or rating fiverr algorithm kicks you to last page right? In my case I had this bad review and my search place was just same in first page and I even got 15 more orders after that bad review and all these orders were 5 stars orders, I don't know what happened but my click rates were decreasing recently so I checked I was in the last page in search rankings even though I didn't have any bad experience or bad stats. I don't understand what determines it, people say in forum you get to first page after 5 Star reviews but mine somehow went to last page which didn't happen even after a bad review. I was wondering if there's a specific rule for these rankings. I would really want to hear your responses!
  2. So I have been always replying clients who have messaged me, even replying the ones who dropped in spam folder however recently my response rate suddenly dropped down. I mostly get overseas clients so I reply them as soon as I saw their texts. I was wondering what’s the scope of this stat, for example our conversation after first message also counts? Let’s say I said “thank you” to buyer and they wrote “you are welcome” and if I don’t respond to this, would it affect my stats too? If anyone can explain, I’d be grateful!
  3. Just a little advice based on a recent experience I think never ever let anyone to connect you with teamviewer because scammers and frauds are around and CS basically says we can’t help you if you carry conversation out of fiverr so never use TeamViewer with someone unless they are your brother or extremely trustable people lol
  4. Well I am an artist so I don’t know about text prices but anything is possible I guess. I saw some buyer requests like for 5 dollars they want extremely detailed drawings and such. It’s up to you to work with them or not
  5. Well Because one with usd the other account with try that’s why
  6. What do you mean? As a seller you are the one who is setting the price, no ?
  7. Ah really? So I can’t withdraw some of money and leave some of it then? There’s no option to select the amount we want to withdraw? I also wanted to withdraw some to my fiver revenue card and some to my bank account so it’s also not possible then?
  8. Hello, I was able to withdraw the amount I want before but now when I choose my withdrawal option it doesnt let me enter the amount I want to withdraw instead it shows all my revenue. Is this a bug or I couldnt understand the problem someone please help!
  9. Hello, I am from Turkey as well, it there extra fees while withdrawing money apart from 3 dollars payoneer getting? for example how much left from a 24 dollars when its withdrawn? :’)
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