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  1. Well, you can wait for their reply. If you are not able to reply right away, there's nothing you can do.
  2. I've been on Fiverr since 2014, so I assume I earned more than most here, and I am still on the first page. Sure, I am removed from time to time due to cancellations and stuff, but most of the time it's due to the seller. The repeat buyer badge is definitely not something that matters when it comes to ranking. Just something extra to show buyers that the seller is trusted by others. So as @newsmikesaid, it's just a load of nonsense. Sellers, don't eat this up.
  3. Generally, buyer requests is a cesspool of scammers or people that want underpaid work. I never found an offer that would pay my low rates, let alone something that would offer a better pay. So I just ignore BR. But again that's just me.
  4. Yes, I have been here for quite some time, I will have 8 years in January. I encountered a lot of scammers, for example I had a 1-day delivery only for 500 words. They manipulated the system to order 2000 words with a $5 1-day delivery, and the next day once I delivered they said the content is plagiarized, they will go to customer support to close my account unless I cancel. I went to customer support, reported them, and I also canceled the order. Since then, I had this happen 2 more times, those scammers were removed, and I canceled the order before actually sending anything. It was a similar username and it was ordered the same way. One of the scammers also had a 1-star review from a seller. So it pays off to check the buyer pages.
  5. Keep in mind I am not a Fiverr employee or anything, just another seller. So don't follow what I say, it's your choice and you choose what to do. Since you are working so hard to grow your account, a bad review can have a negative impact on your account. So I would definitely cancel. Sure, a cancellation will derank you a bit, but it's taken into account for 2 months. A negative review on the other hand is there for life. And since it seems the person is just a reseller that doesn't care about you or your account, might as well protect yourself from any issues. Working with resellers is tough because they only care about using you to make a profit. So.. whenever I have any issues with them, I cancel. I clearly state I don't work with resellers, yet they still buy my gig. At the end if the day, it all comes down to what you care the most about, getting paid for the work you did or just protecting your account.
  6. Seems like a reseller, an impossible client and I would cancel, for one. But in the end it's up to you. You didn't share the order value, but if it's insignificant, this leads to more trouble than it's worth. Feel free to do what you think is ok. In my case, I would just cancel and move on. I had scammers like these that kept my gig in revision for months, only to do a PayPal refund.
  7. I only work on small orders, don't take large orders because I was scammed with PayPal disputes randomly filed weeks or months after the delivery. And I saw this happen to people with $1000+ orders too, so it's pretty much an issue for everyone. I decided to limit my word count (I am a writer), and if I lose $$, it's an insignificant amount. Regardless, I still believe that protecting your account is more improtant. Then again, I process hundreds of orders a month. I can see how people with a few, but expensive orders might think differently. As I said, to each his own. In my case, I made adjustments and now I don't really end up with scammers anymore. If they appear, they are rare.
  8. Can you describe your situation with more details? What did the buyer do, etc?
  9. Do whatever you want man. There are cases when people are unhappy after they browse the delivery in more detail. Anyway, you can block these people and report them to Fiverr. I still believe that as a newcomer canceling is still the right thing to do. If you want to build up your profile, a negative review hurts you. I saw a competitor with less than 100 reviews on the first page. He received a negative review, he's nowhere to be found in search. So that also affects your ranking and stuff. So in this case, just canceling and move on is the best idea. Of course you shouldn't always cancel. But as I said, as a newcomer, things are tricky.
  10. If you have lots of reviews yes, you take the bad review since it's not making a difference. But if you just have a few reviews, you cancel. It will cause a lot of damage to have a bad review if you're just starting and you have 4, 10 reviews for example.
  11. It's normal. Weird is to have a review for all orders you work hard.
  12. For me it's just the opposite. Those orders where I work the hardest end up not getting a review. But instead those where the buyer is impossible or hard to deal with, those for sure receive a review 😆
  13. You should learn your lesson. I also had some heated replies to reviews because I was in the moment, but whenever a buyer insults me or just say something innappropriate, I block them. There are tools you can use here. Plus, as far as I understand here, there was no order. So this was no buyer.. since being a buyer would imply they purchased something from you. Which doesn't seem to be the case. This is up to customer support. The truth is that you were unprofessional, and saying a person is horrible in the chat might not sit well with them. No one can tell you for sure what will happen. Hopefully she didn't report you. But you should learn your lesson as I said above. Never do this again, just go out of the room or drink some water. You will be amazed at how much it helps de-stress.
  14. Great, so you encourage people to contact you outside of Fiverr, thus breaking the rules.
  15. We are. Although some countries are trying to lock down to prevent the Delta issue.
  16. The one where you excel at. For me and @catwriter, that would be writing. For you, it might be something else. Don't focus on what's very profitable, instead focus on those things you can actually excel at, as that's how you will create a successful profile.
  17. I agree. Same thing with writing, you just go into the writing den and do your work without dealing with other people, aside from messages of course.
  18. It varies a lot. I had the vaccine in May and the first dose brougth shivers and a constant feeling of being cold. I am one of the few people that didn't have any side effect after the second shot.
  19. And the worst problem is that you can lose it just like any level. I got TRS in 2014, then in 2018 I had surgery and had to cancel a lot of orders. I had 89% order completion and lost TRS. Needless to say I never got it back, and most likely I never will. So.. just because someone becomes TRS, it's not permanent. You will lose it just like any other level.
  20. That's not how it works. Fiverr staff have to manually choose you, which might be this month or never. So.. I wouldn't raise my hopes up, if it happens, it happens 🙂
  21. You have to remember one thing. Seller Plus is not free. It costs you $30 per month or something like that.
  22. 100% agreed. You're rather new and you're already trying to cheat the system? That's not ok, no matter the level you have. It's against the rules.
  23. I agree. I always try to learn new things all the time, boost my writing skills and also try out new hobbies. In my case, this is the recipe for staying both happy and productive.
  24. I agree. People come here expecting professional work, regardless of the price they pay for it. They don't use their hard-earned money on a random dude trying to learn something new.
  25. The buyer placed the order, asked for a revision and never came back. It's more common than you imagine.
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