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  1. Thanks for these great tips.
  2. Thanks for this suggesstion.
  3. I was a Level 2 seller but it got down to as new seller. There is no Level now. I've reviewed my profile analytics and found an issue that my success score is below 5. How can I increase that? Even I'm not getting any response from any buyer for more than 1 month. Is there any solution? I'm asking for help from experienced seller. Thanks
  4. Impressions are getting high. Hope to get more order soon.
  5. Hi there, 5 days ago I asked question about Fiverr "Promoted Gig" feature which I got from Fiverr. As I saw this feature first time so I have no idea about this service. I didn't get any answer yet regarding this question. I want to know from the experienced sellers who knows in details about this feature. In this feature there 3 packages for promoting my gigs. 1. $5 2. $10 & 3. $50 Now which one is the best? Can you please give me suggestions on it? Looking forward to seeing a great real suggestion who are experienced on it. Thanks
  6. I received an option name "Promoted gigs" just 2 days ago. I have no idea about this service of Fiverr. I have some questions to senior sellers. 1. How effective is this service to get more orders? 2. What can be a daily budget to promote a gig? 3. How can I get best result with this service? Please comment on this. I want to know exactly how I can be benefitted with this service.
  7. Hi there, My profile category is programming and tech. I am providing website development related work. April-August, 2023, I received a good number of orders according to my mention months. Unfortunately, I had to cancel 2 orders and right after m gig impressions got down. Till now it's happening. In September last year, I created a gig based on Social Media as I have that skills too. Is that affecting on my other gigs? Besides this, how can I increase my good gig impressions from where I was getting order? I am asking a great suggestion from experienced sellers.
  8. Private negative reviews may be the reason behind of it.
  9. This question is for experienced sellers. I noticed one of my gig impression is showing above 3.3k on desktop but 362 on android. Why is this huge different between desktop version and android? Will this affect on my gig? Although one order is running and about to complete it by December 6. Hope you'll share with your experience on it.
  10. Well, according to your explanation I got an issue that I faced with the same problem before. We should avoid cancelling any order after taking the project from any client. So, what I know and expert I should take that project but what I don't know and not expert, we should not take that kind of project. Even, before taking any project we should discuss with the client clearly to know about the project requirements. If we don't follow this, then our reputation and the cancellation will increase, as a result our gigs and profile will go down. In my point, it's the main reason behind of it.
  11. It's not supposed to be any problem as this is your own connection and device. But it will be the issue when you'll travel to any country. Most importantly, it's better not using other's net connection.
  12. In my point, it works as there is an option to filter the online sellers. But it mostly depends how you have organized your gigs like setting up image, keywords, tags and description for your gig to come at the first page. Because impression helps more getting order.
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