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Why isn't anyone freaking out about this TOS change?


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“You can no longer get feedback removed by mutually cancelling an order where feedback was already posted.
“Sellers may not solicit the removal of feedback reviews from their buyers through mutual cancellations.””

This basically means anyone can leave you negative feedback now. The site is encouraging everyone to receive negative feedback, why is no one caring about this? You do realize negative feedback will lower your rankings and sales? Why is the site doing this?

I can’t even fathom this correctly! I am so furious right now.
Fiverr needs to remove that rule asap. Now that everyone is susceptible to negative reviews no one will buy from this site!
They will look at a few Fiverr users, see their negative reviews, and leave to another site.
This will LOWER sales.

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Now that everyone is susceptible to negative reviews no one will buy from this site!

One big complaint from buyers has been that sellers can simply magic away negative reviews. It’s a valid complaint, especially as it means that those perfect 5-star profiles may not be entirely honest–and that kind of doesn’t help if you’re researching a seller beforehand.

The T&C do mention that the manipulation/abuse of the system etc by jealous competition and lying buyers isn’t under this rule. I think you’re overreacting tbh. It seems to me that if you can prove that the rating system is being abused, then the review will be removed. This policy update seems to be more “gaming the system”, and an upgrade from the previous update. Originally (at least when I joined), cancelling an order just dumped the feedback completely.

Now, if we could have some bloody buyer reviews?

The blahs in full:


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I’ve always found that those buyers bring it up then disappear when you respond with something like “please don’t threaten me” and continuing to be Miss Professional Smiles.

Of course, if we could see buyer reviews, there would be a very consistent and visible pattern for sellers to note re: 1-star reviews on both sides. Not every transaction could be so unpleasant, and if it were, why on earth would that person persist?

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I totally agree with Fiverr, a lot of seller get blackmailed this way… negative feedback or low rating is being used as a tool to get refund + work…

I rarely see any negative feedback or low rating seller here, which is quite uncommon… I mean we all get negative feedbacks somewhere some day…

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Well, one thing is the theory the other one the practice.
We should wait till we have concrete cases to evaluate what these changes in the TOS really mean.

If at the end buyers do have “less problems” with cheating / fraudulent sellers, and sellers less problems with cheating / fraudulent buyers, then everything moves in the right direction!

That there “are problems” with some sellers / buyers who just want to rip off others, is a fact. If there will be “better solutions” with the new TOS - they are welcome, really welcome 🙂

BTW: Anyone else “recognized” as I did, that a “Fiverr Top Buyer” (with this nice crown besides his name in your dashboard) is not necessary a “Top buyer” but can be indeed a “Top Cheater”?


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If I am going to be selling at market value then I will participate in the feedback the way its suppose to. Otherwise if I’m selling my gigs below market value, I don’t want or need anyone giving me feedback they felt was needed to justify the work I already sell at a discounted rate.

Do you walk into a 99 cent store and rate their headphones vs ones at best buy? NO you go in there because you just want headphones, if you get lucky to get high quality, then great but you know what you are getting.

Being able to leave feedback does not qualify you as an “Expert” of criticism, everyone standards are set differently. Eventually feedback will be removed from the internet all together based on price as far as being on the actual stores. I purchased products that are 1 star for example at home depot and absolutely love the product. If I was just a band wagon type of person, with a close ended little mind or a naive individual who lets me experience life through another persons opinion, then I would have never known how much I would have loved that 1 star review product.

Like I said before, and I’ll say it again,



I always ask as well at the end what can I do to make the review into five stars. There should always be an option for that.


“why do you rate this less then five stars? What would you like the seller to do to earn them your five star review”

Then us as sellers can decide to accept the lower review or send them what they want to earn the five star review.

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