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  1. What’s up. I’m an old poster here, decided not to post on here for a while due to abusive forum people. You’re right and now its a share button. Some of the decision makers are trying to balance things out but the thing is, they don’t know what they are doing because none of them actually do what we sellers do on a daily basis.
  2. I worked my behind off as TRS and lost my TRS status. Its not worth it. Its best to use it to grow and leave the nest. I just learned that today.
  3. STREAMLINING look at how the 30’s and 40’s perfected their productions… during the industrial age. Then use technology to your advantage. The secret is to INVEST once, DO once, let it repeat itself by itself later, then after you get that part figured out… how do I make it FASTER!
  4. It all depends on your standard of “living” and what country you are from. If you listen to some “Freelancer” pros and cons about whatever website on youtube, there are a bunch, you will understand and know exactly how much you can expect from where ever you want to work online. The most important thing is to look at the type of traffic you want to sell to. That is the key to your growth moving upward, don’t get stuck in a loop.
  5. Very odd. Even more baffling is the fact that all of these broken dynamic functions load just fine in Microsoft Explorer. They are, however, dead as a doornail in both Firefox and Chrome. I’m working with CS to trouble-shoot these errors… they are as baffled as I am. Did you contact mozilla or try their forum on the issue? Did you ask Fiverr what kind of “kit pack” of code they use to display objects or do they actually write out the code for each browser for the code function to work, from there you can figure out why its not displaying or dynamically not working in the browser, you can also try to download waterfox and see if it happens still, then it might be from the OS or another software outside your browser standpoint…? Did you check out what your plug-ins and extensions do? Did you check your firefox crash log or sent it to fiverr “about:crashes on the address bar.”? Are you running windows, mac, linux and have some kind of anti-ware that might be knocking it off a bit? Pop up blockers? Did you try another computer to see if the problem happens? If it happens on two computers on the same network it could be a firewall/proxy problem from the gateway blocking, work in steps to figure out where the issue is. Operating system, software, browsers, network configurations, gateway configurations…There is always a solution, you have to dig deeper and not just wait for the “code to change”. Good luck.
  6. I’m sorry but this is not good for users who streamline their orders, open up multiple tabs like I did with multiple orders and just click on the next tab and scroll down to view it quick and easy, now I’m going to have double the windows open on my browser. The problem I believe was the ghosting that was happening with their automated detection scripts for people using keywords they are not suppose to use, things like that. THUMBS DOWN 100%. I now have to open up DOUBLE windows so I can go down my list of orders using tabs. I also use the TABS to re-arrange the orders based on content so I do some orders before others, now I will have all my tab windows mixed up too with order requirements and have to scroll up and down to match them while re-arranging the tabs with my orders.
  7. I voted to take this away, I do multiple orders a day and it doesn’t help me any bit and slows my productivity. I do NOT like the new order requirement button. Why can’t they just follow google’s main search engine page model. LEAVE THE FRONT END ALONE, and work on the BACK SIDE. “Fix the bugs”
  8. Update: I cut out all red meat and ate less bread and I’m losing weight! I now make sandwiches and noodles with chicken! What a difference!
  9. hahahahhaha I never would post my butts list publicly! Silly wabbit.
  10. I thought it was great that they accepted bitcoin, I wanted to use it sometime in the future. So what I understood, it had something to do market value? Why don’t they just create they own crypto currency like I see some others do…
  11. I noticed it isn’t on all my gigs either but I have a few that are. If I turn them on, I know 25% of them will go to my other gigs…
  12. Do you guys think that promoted gigs is a bad idea? Do you think those with less quality of work will promote themselves? I think it should be more of a pre-paid service, not a based on commission service as a way to filter those who are serious about it and serious about their work. Do you think TOP sellers will take advantage of it and dominate the paid promoted gig area?
  13. About time the marketing was changed up. I’m glad they took my advice! Welcome to my world.
  14. Starting off the new year here with even more weight then I started last year which is really sad. All these messages and redos make me stay near my computer. I really don’t like getting message on my smart phone every day randomly or in the middle of sleeping. All this has caused me to gain more weight, now it requires I add a workout routine to my lifestyle that is a little more intense then power walking. wow. Happy 2017! Cheers to weight loss! The bad thing is you can see it in my videos, when I first started then gaining the weight. Someone told me its better to be happy and able to eat, then not eat and be happy or unhealthy.
  15. Dear Joey Perez, My response was not aimed at you but aimed at sellers who are constantly annoyed with what’s being offered here on Fiverr. If you fell in that category, then that’s your prerogative. I have noticed your frustrations lately by the posts on this forum. Don’t want to get into a banter with you, you seem smart, if you didn’t catch my drift, then too bad. Lo siento y gracias mi Amigo. DJ Nothing wrong with a good banter from a fellow fiverree. I can be made fun of in any which way, its those who like to advertise their opinion and not expect someone to be reactive, those I think are *****************. opps sorry my auto spell checker must have made a tough linguistic quandary for you. I meant to say “existed” in place “exited” Moderator Note: Expressing opinions and debating is not against forum rules, but please avoid anything that could be seen as name calling or bashing.
  16. To echo what Adam has stated, this has already been implemented in the form of the “Crown 👑 Logo” next to buyers who have purchased more than 10 times on Fiverr. Use this as a gauge to determine the QUALITY of your buyer. Yes, I know, it is not something definitive, but it is the best you will get from Fiverr, the reasons have been clearly stated by other members on this thread. (@twistedweb123, @jonbaas) If you do not understand business economics, then please go google it. Whining about something is easy, understanding it, is not. Cheers! p.s Not trying to be mean, just giving a realistic feedback.🐪 You know I wouldn’t even replied if you wouldn’t have said “If you do not understand business economics, then please go google it.” Hahahaah, you try to tell people to educate themselves in business economics… based on a crown! lmao… yet don’t understand or explain to understand that its in the scope of the sellers business model entirety. If you don’t understand or knew the word “entirety” even exited… go google it. hahahaha, not trying to be mean, but I know business, and you’re trying to tell people to look up a road to understand how a car works and pushes itself forward… hahah… oh man. “Whining” is something a child or a bad R and B singer does, so if you like to compare that to what is going on here or define us a group in those terms then I define your “reality” as someone living in their own fantasy world where you believe yourself as realistic… lmao
  17. Thanks guys for the replies, I just saw this, I’m trying to figure out how to use the new system. I’ll get back to as many of you as I can.
  18. Don’t take things to the heart here in the Forum, everyone has their opinions, I have 3 kids too, all have done work on projects, baby gap, leap frog, target, to name a few. If its about running a small business that’s totally cool and I would have started with that type of conversation starter… but above you asked how to get more clients on Fiverr, most people on the forum get asked this everyday. Yours was no different when asked. The best thing to do like I did with my kids is read to them every night from a marketing book, seriously, talking about basic marketing topics and focus on competitive edge. Keep in mind your question is the holy grail of questions. People starting in business all the way up to even multi-billion dollar companies ask this over and over again. Its not a matter of how, its a matter of trying and with a unique product that question can not be completely answered unless people get to know the product really well. The more specific you can be the better it can be for people to help you. For example bring up the topic about your title, different ones you tried, would like to try, then asking for advice based on that. The more specific you can be the better and take it in steps, but always keep moving forward with your steps. You can teach your child only so many techniques in business up until you reach the point where you must let them frame their unexpected expectations as a challenge to keep them stimulated to solve a problem they are experience in their business. The point of teaching your child business at such a young age is not to make money, you as a parent and provider have all those basic needs covered, you teach them what it means to be in the higher rung of the ladder, so they don’t conclude they will never make it as a business owner, but seeing it as a challenge that they will win at the end through self-confidence. I’ve mentioned this before in the forum I think but… When I speak to my children on webcam, because they live in another state with my x-wife, on webcam, I always asked them, so what did you fail in today? They tell me they tried this they tried that, why because I’m teaching them to try. That should be the point then… of bringing them on board Fiverr then, not the money, but to try and growing up they will always remember their papa and mama repeatedly telling these things and remembering how they developed a reservoir as a child of past victories over hurdles. Where they will look back as a kid and say, I’ve overcome stuff like this in my past, I will do so again at this time. Asking on how to get your kid to make more money faster on fiverr is rushing the process of dealing with the unexpected, they must find out that they will not have a solution to a problem right away.
  19. As reading above, their question was getting more work faster and building their portfolio, I think you went into the “educational business value perspective of it” in the later comments? If its for business learning, then I totally agree with you, but if its a career as an voice over actor, sure you can do stuff here, not saying its not professional but at this moment I haven’t heard anything in regards to studios using fiverr, I meant it more in that fashion. As a matter of fact I’m an advocate trying to bridge this gap with the marketing director at fiverr. Never got too far I got busy with other stuff. I would say they can do both of course but I would say start them off traditionally, that is what I do, I do both and I love working on Fiverr don’t get me wrong. I’m an advocate for Fiverr big time. I take offense when I tell people in the entertainment industry I use fiverr and they ask me why I do that if I’m doing the normal entertainment industry stuff, I know what you mean, there is even people who are fighting against fiverr who are complaining that their wages are being lowered because of it, I’ve seen voice over actors on facebook post about this very topic. I wish I could say “do it for real” means that you are working on professional work here, but I have not booked a national commercial from Fiverr yet and I’m still waiting for that. It’s like when youtube just started. I can’t not say that for every industry since fiverr covers a lot of different industries. I started acting as a child, you do learn about business as well, because you have to put yourself out there as a product. Buddy, every country is different you are right, but one thing is for sure you pay taxes. That is one thing for sure in life. You are not paying taxes in Ireland for being on Fiverr? According to what I briefly just read, you are suppose to being paying 20% of those 400 orders you got on fiverr. I’m not an expert for your country but I would double check my friend.
  20. If I am going to be selling at market value then I will participate in the feedback the way its suppose to. Otherwise if I’m selling my gigs below market value, I don’t want or need anyone giving me feedback they felt was needed to justify the work I already sell at a discounted rate. Do you walk into a 99 cent store and rate their headphones vs ones at best buy? NO you go in there because you just want headphones, if you get lucky to get high quality, then great but you know what you are getting. Being able to leave feedback does not qualify you as an “Expert” of criticism, everyone standards are set differently. Eventually feedback will be removed from the internet all together based on price as far as being on the actual stores. I purchased products that are 1 star for example at home depot and absolutely love the product. If I was just a band wagon type of person, with a close ended little mind or a naive individual who lets me experience life through another persons opinion, then I would have never known how much I would have loved that 1 star review product. Like I said before, and I’ll say it again, EVERYONES STANDARDS ARE DIFFERENT ********** JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN DOESN’T MEAN YOU SHOULD LEAVE FEEDBACK OR MAKE YOU AN OFFICIAL “CRITIC” I always ask as well at the end what can I do to make the review into five stars. There should always be an option for that. FIVERR SHOULD MAKE IT AN OPTION OF A POP UP THAT POPS UP, that asks the buyer“why do you rate this less then five stars? What would you like the seller to do to earn them your five star review”Then us as sellers can decide to accept the lower review or send them what they want to earn the five star review.
  21. I’ve gotten asked many times believe it or not because I have a nudity gig I offer, just go ahead and tell them you’re an artist or virtual consultant not an adult actress. If they are persistence tell them its going to cost $2000 dollars. Some super high price. Then its up to you to decide if you want to do it or not for that much money. If your morals and ethics still do not permit you because that is what you strongly believe in, then I would put that more in your advertisement then just no nudity. Make it clear you consider yourself decent G rated individual.
  22. 3 more years are needed for the kid to work on Fiverr. If you are still determined to get your kid working, do it for real, if you live in a major city, get your kid an entertainment work permit, a real talent agent and use the voice over connections. Your kid will make a ton of money booking national commercials. Its not a matter of IF your account will end up being suspended or limited, its now a matter of when. Fiverr is based in Israel, not the USA so you have to follow their laws and their terms of service in regards to child labor laws. Keep in mind your kid will have to file income taxes too.
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