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Any Advantage in Having GIG Packages?


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So I have this lingering request from Fiverr to create a gig package, but I’m yet to humble it. I am worried it might scare away customers, when they see the high prices on the different categories. What do you guys think? Are there any advantages? Does Fiverr penalize people who do not set their packages by dropping their ranks?


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I think you could still start at $5 if you want to with the packages. My question, and I am only saying this based on what I have read about packages so it might be wrong, is

  1. the buyers see the prices first, before the description, which is not a good idea
  2. the fiverr search engine does not index them well since the description is considered
    missing by the search engine

There needs to be more discussion of the packages and some more evaluation of them by fiverr.

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