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Why New Sellers should be given a chance!!!

Guest raimi86

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Guest raimi86


You help to build a strong Fiverr community
We all love fiverr, right? And that’s because buyers and sellers from all over the world have merged together in one place and created something awesome. We can keep this amazing community growing and make it even better by supporting our new sellers.

You can find new, unique, fresh and interesting gigs
Every day brand new gigs, still fresh from the oven, spring up in the marketplace. Why not see what you can find? If you’re looking for something unique, it might be harder to get looking at the TRS only.

They can be more focused on your order
New sellers aren’t bogged down by a huge queue of orders waiting to be delivered. You also might be the only order they are working on at the minute, so generally they have more time to focus solely on your gig.

Can have better quality than TRS
Like mentioned above, more time and focus put into your order can result in amazing quality.
Some TRS have so many orders lined up, that I’m sure it must be difficult to deliver the highest quality all the time. If you are in a queue of 20 orders, how much focus is on yours?

Get more bang for your buck
Now this is what I’m talking about, savings! Getting the job done through a new seller can get you great savings. You can usually find some brilliant gigs at a much lower price and in greater quantities, and you will probably get some freebies thrown in. So, if you’re on a tight budget, new sellers are definitely the way to go.

There’s almost equal risk to buyer
Fiverr has a pretty good system in place to keep buyers and sellers safe and secure while using the the site and making sales or purchases. Just because someone is TRS doesn’t mean that your order is guaranteed to be perfect. There are a number of things you can do if you do encounter a bad experience, like canceling the order, and the fiverr team are there with support for buyers and sellers alike so you can rest assured that buying from a new seller is OK.

More time to chat
If you like a good chat about your project before ordering then choosing a new seller would help. New sellers will probably have less on their plate but still be online a lot because they want to grow their business. I’m sure you will find great customer service and time for discussion.

You get more choice
With so many new and unique sellers, you have an amazing array of gigs to choose from that come in all different shapes and sizes. Although there are lots of top sellers offering services, the choice can be limited. So set your filter to New Sellers and dive in!

They are the TRS of tomorrow
Top sellers were new once too, and new sellers of today will be top sellers of the future. So go on, give the new guy a shot, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Spread the love!
Just spread the love! If you are a fiverr patron that purchases regularly, by ordering from a new seller you are spreading the love!

I hope you find this interesting and you get exactly what you are looking for!

Thanks and happy Fiverring! 🙂

Note: If you have any thing to add, any criticisms, corrections or questions please feel free to express it.

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You should be careful when writing posts like this.
It could encourage established sellers to start posting about why people should NOT buy from new sellers.
Like the new seller who made promises he couldn’t keep and posted on the forum asking for someone to teach him how to get youtube subscribers.
Or the new sellers who get a job and then tell the buyer that they need to mark it delivered to avoid being late.
Or the new sellers who constantly ask for tips on “the easiest gig” as they don’t want to actually work for their money.
Or the new sellers who send spam messages to everyone who posts on the forum.
Or the new sellers who deliver copied images/texts/videos
Or the new sellers who claim to be from a different country to attract Western buyers
Or the new sellers who use stock images for their profiles to look like they are native English speaking.

Being a TRS with a lot of orders means that they have CONSISTENTLY had a large amount of orders and CONSISTENTLY delivered high quality/had good reviews. You are saying that a new seller is better because of the fact they are new? Absolute nonsense.
Of course using new sellers can be a good idea but let’s face it, the only reason to actually choose a new seller over an established seller is price (or the idea of charity from your last point).

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Guest backlinks_index

You should be kind and generous. Only it is in need of new sellers.

Adding quality work at low prices

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Guest raimi86

The fact is, there is plenty of information going around bad mouthing and belittling new sellers.

The point of this post is to show that there are GOOD reasons to support new sellers too. I advise all buyers to be careful with new and old sellers. (there are TRS that use fake profile pics and countries too 😉 )

I’m not saying that ALL new sellers are better, and I’m not saying ALL TRS are better either. But, there are hard working decent new sellers that deserve a chance to shine, and there at least 10 good reason to place an order with a new seller.

Thank you for your comment, you do make a good point.

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Don’t get me wrong, as a buyer I like to try out new sellers, they can offer excellent value at times and if they do a good job I will generally tip them an appropriate amount.

However, the idea that a new seller will solely focus and put more effort into a gig simply because they have nothing else to do is seriously flawed. An experienced seller with a lot of orders more than likely has those because they have delivered consistently great work and now have regular buyers. Experienced sellers also tend to have realistic delivery times and so they will not offer to do a 3 day job in one day or take on extra work when they are busy - new sellers do tend to.

Of course there are no absolutes and you can have problems with any type of seller.

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Guest raimi86

I think you have taken this post out of context. You are taking each point as absolute.

For instance I state “more focus on your gig CAN result in amazing quality” not “DEFINITELY”.

Your experience with each individual seller will be different. Some people are frightened off from supporting new sellers by older sellers with better stats, but even TRS were new once. If no one saw a reason to purchase your gigs, would you have made it past level 1?

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Em, I did say that there are no absolutes in my last comment and you are saying the same - nothing is definite - yet you are asking me to definitively say that your points can’t be true. What’s that about?

My issue is with your original points 3 and 4.
There is no evidence to suggest that a new seller will spend more time or deliver better quality than a TRS, simply because they are a new seller.
Both points are just some positive thinking on circumstantial evidence. Consider that the seller with a lot of orders probably works full time or at least regularly on Fiverr orders whereas a new seller getting one sale per week may not actually have had to set time aside for work before and so they do the job on the little spare time they have.
The idea that someone who is regularly working at a service will deliver less quality than someone who has just started offering it is ridiculously flawed. It is not impossible that an exception could be found but the reality is that those with experience do a better job than the newbie. Most industry wage structures are based on that.

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Guest raimi86

About your first point, my question was rhetorical.

Secondly, you seem to be trying really hard to sabotage this post, which is absolutely fine I did ask for criticism. If anyone reads it and if anyone finds it useful it will have some value. But, I really don’t understand the hostility, these points are not the be all and end all, but these are valid points.

You haven’t actually said anything yet that makes whats written any less true.

You mentioned point 3 for example…
“New sellers aren’t bogged down by a huge queue of orders waiting to be delivered. You also might be the only order they are working on at the minute, so generally they have more time to focus solely on your gig.”

Did you notice the words, might and generally? Logic will probably tell you that if a person has 1 thing to do in 24hrs and another has 20 things to do, the person with 1 is more LIKELY to be focusing solely on that thing. The other will have there mind on 20. That doesn’t mean that the one with 20 cant deliver a fantastic service.

This post has obviously come across as threatening to you, I’m sorry about that, but in all honesty it was written for buyers who might like to buy a gig from a new seller, but are put of by the misconceptions and bad experiences others have been through. People have had horrible experiences with top sellers too. But there would be no top sellers without new sellers.

Tell me, didn’t you work harder on the jobs you got when you were very new and had fewer orders?

Thanks for your comments, its been interesting to see what you feel about it.

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Guest raimi86
You should be kind and generous

Very true. I agree totally! (there might be a few exceptions 😛 )

Oh, I think you meant new sellers are in need of being kind and generous.

I’m a new seller, would you say that I’m not kind or generous? I like to think I am (seems like I’m wrong).

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Don’t worry, he likes all his own posts because he enjoys it.

I’m more on Eoin’s side of the fence here, but I did like your snazzy little graphic at the top of the post. I find all this new/old seller stuff to be tedious really.

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Your comments don’t make sense at times. You talk about using words like “could” or “generally”, suggesting that you are talking about possibilities yet the OP states the points as being true. Even in that comment, you again refer to your points being “true”.

I can assure you that it has not come across as threatening to me nor am I being particularly hostile, other than giving a strong opinion as both a (relatively) experienced seller and a buyer who has bought approx $2k worth of services in over 100 sales.
I have had issues with sellers of all levels. However, many issues have happened before even placing an order and the majority of those have been new/newer sellers. What irritates me about your post is that some unsuspecting buyers may actually believe you and so place an order with one of the many incompetents who start trying to make fast money here.

To assume that all new sellers are bad is illogical but even more illogical is to suggest people try new sellers as they will be better than experienced sellers.

Your logic is illogical.
Someone who does not actually make a living on Fiverr (ie. newbies) does not spend 24 hours on their one order, they may have a job or some other responsibilities so it doesn’t mean they will spend more time on the order. Someone who regularly has 20 orders knows how to manage their time and has set their delivery times accordingly.

Of course there can be bad experiences with any level, I had a bad one with a TRS a while back, but the fact is that it is less likely to happen with an experienced seller.

I don’t think I worked harder for my first orders although I think I work smarter now, so things take me less time which works out well for both me and the buyer. One thing I did is charge less than I do now which, as I said above, is the incentive to try a new seller, not the expectation of better quality.

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Interesting, to say the least. I think that little banter was a good thing.

I too, love the little header you added to the top of your post. (Gives me a Gig idea) 🙂

The only thing I would like to add, is that buyers should buy from level 2 sellers, as we sit in the middle of the level 1’s and TRS’s 😃

Look what I just got from a ‘new seller’ 🙂


Thank you @raimi86 😃

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As positive as this sounds, there are some buyers that may group all sellers that fall into category together. I mean if a buyer is strolling by and sees all these new sellers posting the living daylights out of the forum in attempts to bring attention to their gig(s) then they may assume all new sellers are going to be trouble; i.e. not good at following instructions.

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Guest raimi86

Hi topaz, If this is regarding me, and you think I’m posting to much, I apologize and will tone it down. But, I don’t advertise on the forum (please look for some of my posts). I’m very eager to get going on fiverr (I get ahead of myself lol) and I’ve read a lot and seen a lot and I also sold quite a few gigs back in 2010 when fiverr started.

Even though I’m new again, I like to think that someone might be interested in my opinion. Believe it or not, this wasn’t an advert. I actually took the time to sit down, think up and write this post because I thought it was an interesting line to take. This is some of what I’ve learned through reading everyone posts and watching fiverr. It wont be to everyone’s taste.

I agree, you shouldn’t blatantly advertise all over the forum, you go to

Please share your knowledge I’d like to know more, but not what you think people want you to write, but what you have to say 😉 .

Thanks and happy fiverring! 🙂

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Guest raimi86
Your logic is illogical.

I like that 🙂

All I’m saying is that there are 10 good reasons to buy from a new seller, like people do everyday. Maybe there isn’t 10 good reasons. If there isn’t 10 good reasons, I might as well give up now lol

If you had to write 10 GOOD reasons to buy from new sellers, what would they be?

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10 Good reasons to buy from new sellers:

  1. You only have $5
  2. They are cheaper
  3. They don’t cost as much
  4. The price is less
  5. The cost is not as much
  6. To save money
  7. When your budget is low
  8. Budget friendly
  9. Low cost option
  10. To make you feel good about yourself in a way similar to charity donation (but really you are just cheap).
    See - there are 10 good reasons 😃
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In all seriousness though, if a new seller communicates well, seems to understand what is required and is able to listen, I will always give them a chance, either with an order or a smaller $5 order as a test. Many sellers that I gave work to are now level 1 and 2 sellers and I still use them.
This in itself is not a reason to try new sellers however, the ones I did use I chose carefully and they worked out. It does not mean it always will!

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