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  1. Usually the link is not injected in the message discussion
  2. Editing is very dangerous on your gigs. Because it will be in manual review. And small alignment will make your gigs removed
  3. If you refuse a refund. Actually your money will still be in drag. Because the virtual fiverr account is connected with payment gateway paypal. I am a web programmer. I know the script and all the details to make a fiverr. So it just needs a script repair
  4. On another level. Buyers do not want to pay because they feel your service is less feasible for $ 100. On the other hand there are buyers who cheat and do not want to pay. Although they realize they have to pay. Fiverr should have an immediate repair. It’s not either a seller or a buyer. There are some returns that can not be denied. Big brands like amazon and clickbank also experience it
  5. I’ve had a refund. Fiver can not prevent paypal dispute. Sellers always lose. My suggestion works at low price. Because big money will require a great quality of service
  6. The price of the product will be correlated with it. Because the imperfect system makes buyers dissatisfied. The source of dissatisfaction that will cause the buyer refund rate I suggest you sell $ 5. Or your refund rate will remain large
  7. This problem can be hidden. But it will bring further problems at high level sellers because they bring huge money in their accounts
  8. That is a paypal dispute. Payment gateway paypal always win against buyer. It is a system that has not been completed for 4 years. I myself have lost $ 50 but I just kept quiet. Because the dispute via paypal
  9. If you are selling a $ 100 product. Then the refund rate is high. If you are selling a $ 5 product. Then your refund rate is low. I’ve been in fiverr for 4 years since the fiverr stood up. Used to use blackhate. Now only 1 account
  10. It’s a freaking system that has not been fixed since the first fiverr stands. I suggest you use $ 5 if your product is of low quality. That will minimize the refund
  11. It happened. Because online users will get first place in search. Depending on what the buyer thinks
  12. Consumer reviews are your assets. Keep working for the best. You will find the way
  13. Actually you have a competitor. Your competitors take your customers
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