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  1. 1) BR is not a reliable source for orders as has been mentioned repeatedly on the forums over the years. 2) Never work for free. Doing it once is enough to attract the wrong kind of buyer. 3) Just make sure your description is readable and easy to understand without a need for a thesaurus and or dictionary. 4) This will be misinterpreted. The video needs to be created by the user and relevant to their gig. 5) Don't spin similar gigs repeatedly. Just because you see others doing it doesn't mean it's okay. 6 - 7) This will result in fiverr links getting blacklisted (again). For the love of sanity do not respond to a question with your gig link. It does not contribute to the discussion at all. 8 ) This is not allowed and will likely get you banned. Do not send unsolicited emails to anyone for the sole intent of spamming your fiverr gig. Not only will it get you in trouble but it will make the site as a whole look bad; especially if said business isn't familiar with the site.
  2. A guaranteed A? They are really out of touch with the way instructors grade. Teachers know how their students write (speaking from experience) and if they submitted something written by someone else the teacher will know immediately. Curious. Isn't there a screening process for posting in BR?
  3. Is there a way to get this pinned? Three and five captures some pain points that are brought up a lot in discussions. Five tops the list as some buyers request sample work using the information from their soon-to-be order, but as soon as a seller suggests paying for said sample the buyer disappears.
  4. If you're not seeing buyer requests for related gigs, then it means a request for this service hasn't been posted. You're not going to see requests everyday for every gig.
  5. Back in August, a News post was made about cleaning up the forum. Here are some items I hope they address in addition to what was mentioned in the post. Revival of Old Posts. This will be nice to see as there were several topics revived that date back to 2016. Yes, the information therein are relevant; however, a simple reaction emoji will suffice. Repeat Topics. Often within minutes of each other. I wouldn't mind seeing a feature where we could nominate posts for pinning or at least collect them all in a single location for reference as they answer these repeat questions extensively. Forum Orientation. Not sure if this is possible but a way to ensure that new users know and understand how the forums work. This includes understanding the different areas along with what can be posted where. After completing orientation successfully, they'll be given x-amount of points. For each infraction that goes against what was learned, a point is deducted. When the number gets to zero, the user will be on probation for a month (no commenting nor posting privileges) and will have to go through the orientation process again. A designated section for celebrating achievements. Just a section for all the posts celebrating their nth order, x-amount of tip, repeat customer, etc. It would just be nice to have as it will take the guess work out of where to post these types of things. OR create a mega celebratory post for sharing this information so they aren't clogging the other sections. It's not an exhaustive list but it's a start.
  6. Tip 1: Joining an FB group doesn't guarantee the right to share a link within that group. In fact, a lot of the groups have strict rules about link sharing and some explicitly advise against any and all links directing to Fiverr. Sharing Fiverr links will either get you a warning in the group or kicked out. If you're in a group that vets links before allowing them to be posted, then it's certain that those links won't get shared. Tip 2: This needs clarification as the first thing many do after seeing this is go link-share crazy. I can't tell you the number of times I've seen sellers share their gig links under random posts. I can even remember those fiverr blog post features about teaming up with other companies only to see that majority of the responses to those companies' recent posts were Fiverr gig links. Tip 3: See response to Tip 2. I can understand you mean well; however, there are a lot of social media platform participants that don't take kindly to seeing fiverr links anywhere. It has gotten so bad, that these participants will go after any and everyone with a fiverr link on their personal profile (this includes those that don't share their links in posts).
  7. I remember a suggestion I made some years ago about auto charging customers for extra revisions; especially if sellers have this set up on their gigs. It would be nice if something were done about the revision button abuse.
  8. Back in the day, I did this but once. Despite posting on my personal page, it seemed like users of the platform were laying in wait to launch an attack on any post that linked to the site. Social media works for some but not all. Though now, some run into difficulties due to fiverr links being blacklisted.
  9. This is very welcoming news. I have to restrain myself when I see duplicate posts of past topics along with old topics being revived. Not only that, but topics suggesting questionable advise for getting sells. Hopefully this improves navigation as finding relevant search results is difficult when the majority that surface are spam. Looking forward to the update.
  10. Based on what I've observed over the years, this won't end well if it does become mandatory. Fiverr became an attractive work platform because they allowed users to choose names they prefer to go by. Even if there were an opt-out option, chances are high that it will be forced upon users months after it gets announced. Whatever name the client approaches you with is the name they should be addressed by unless stated otherwise by the client. Enforcing a first name/real name policy will get messy fast (especially when it comes to names that sound too "extravagant" to be real). In addition to this, if there's an on site dispute it may result in said user(s) getting flamed in online discussion boards and worse yet cyber-stalked. While it's understandable that you want a professional relationship with your client, there are some that like to work in anonymity especially when it comes to hiring freelancers.
  11. The new forum is nice but ran into an issue. I couldn't submit posts to topics even after refreshing the page. After opening a private browsing window, I was able to post normally. Other than that issue, the new look is nice and I like how I can change the layout of posts.
  12. The Community Rules and Guidelines as read read-only was suggested months ago but it doesn't seem to be in place. The Super Bowl section was for the promo when fiverr got a SB spot. The new look is nice but it would be nicer if there were a dark mode option. This new look is going to take some getting use to but now I have to see what can and can't be hidden from view.
  13. Some clients are going to be hesitant about purchasing backlinks; even if they're quality links. If the gig isn't ranking well, then it means people aren't searching for this particular at this point in time. There's no solution that will guarantee daily orders.
  14. That’s the thing. Despite setting preferences, I’m still getting notifications from muted channels. I’ll try again…hopefully it sticks. Thanks for the assist.
  15. It’s likely a seasonal thing. An impression of 0 doesn’t mean anything is wrong with your gigs. It just means buyers aren’t searching for those particular gigs at this point in time. You do have the option of sharing your gig link on social media; however, it should only be shared through your own page. Do not share your gig link in a response to someone else’s post as that will be seen as spam. Also, choose your platforms carefully as some have fiverr links blacklisted.
  16. Just archive it all and do a real reboot 😅 Hope the new platform allows us to customize which channels we want notifications from. It would also be nice if unused channels were done a way with. That reboot actually sounds nice.
  17. Q: Y a t’il une communaute parlant francais? un forum? un groupe? A: Non. Anglais est principale langue. Q: Asking about language specific groups on the forum? A: No. English is the main language.
  18. There is no definitive answer as there have been posts from sellers stating buyers requested refunds months after gig delivery. Would be nice if fiverr had a safe guard of some kind in place to keep buyers from coming back months if not years later requesting refunds for completed work.
  19. It means the user you’re trying to contact is no longer on the platform.
  20. Try a search for “python trading bot.” More results will surface with that phrase and some touch on what you’re asking for. Also, use the filters to narrow the search down to leveled sellers. After that, look into those with actual ratings.
  21. Do not send random messages to clients especially for advertising links. This will be viewed as spam and you will likely receive a warning as a result.
  22. You need to contact customer support as they’re the only ones that assist with this matter.
  23. Delivered as in an order? If it’s an order, the client has the option to not allow the finished video to be displayed in a seller’s portfolio.
  24. There is no need to reload to appear active. Being active 24/7 doesn’t increase your visibility to buyers.
  25. Will the subscription be optional or mandatory for buyers? In theory it sounds amazing, but some buyers may not like the subscription idea even if it’s for a service they use often.
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