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  1. He means no buyers Knocking is door with orders once he sent the buyer request 🤔. If buyer request works this way then we all will be multimillionaires 😃!
  2. hi, Buyer request is a good option for new sellers, But do not always depends on the buyer requests to get orders. You can promote your gig outside fiver where your targeted audiences are. Why you are created the same topic 3 times as spamming the forum.
  3. @apurbo98 There is no problem with updating your gig image even it boosts your ranking if images are best and eye-catching, compare to the previous one.
  4. If you are hosting in your selected server then you can invoice him the annual server charge through fiver. Or you can send the link to customer to purchase the server space and send you the login to process the Wordpress.
  5. Thank you for sharing, You are one of the selected seller, for the beta testing of this new feature. which is still not applied for all the users.
  6. Why my impression is down ? How can i improve my gig impressions & clicks ? Lost click & impression Suddenly my impressions down The above topics were created and discussed multiple times in this forum, but most of the members are still with misconceptions as "Sharing the gigs in social media / marketing gigs / Stay online 24 hrs / Sending buyer requests will increasing the gig impression. What is GiG Impression Impressions means the number of times your gig displayed to Fiverr audience. There are many reasons as below: * If your gig is displayed on the Fiverr home page or is part of featured gigs * If anyone clicked on the category page of your gig, and if your gig displayed on that page, Your gig and all other gigs on that page will get 1 impression. * If someone searches with any of your gig keyword and if your gig is a part of that search result then your gig and all other gigs found on that search result will get 1 impression. * Someone clicks on any gig and your gig is displayed in the suggested gigs section at the bottom of the page then also its possible to get 1 impression. More impressions make sure that your gig gets enough visibility around fiver and gets you higher chances of getting an order. Why new sellers are complaining as impression down ? When your gigs were new and when they were shown in the "Newest Arrivals" sections, there could be a reason for the increased impressions and views at first. When Fiverr rotates the GiGs, your GiG could have lost it's ranking position and could lost the impressions. Impressions will not stay stable and it will go up and down quite frequently. Do not worry in this case as this is out of our control. How to increase gig impressions Research and apply basic popular keywords in the title, tags and gig description. This is the only way we can follow to increase the impression as far as i know.
  7. Everything okay except No. 6, which is impossible.
  8. I am using iMac which is more suitable for graphic designing and to complete my gig orders i am using illustrator, Photoshop & C4D
  9. If 24 hrs left you can be try again. if not try from another browser or clear the browser cash and see
  10. To extend the delivery time you can follow the below steps. then select the reason
  11. Now if you fee as that you have not enough time to complete the job, then you can request to extend the order delivery time. That is the best solution at this time.
  12. Welcome to fiver! This is a great platform for illustrators. Keep in touch with the forum, read more to learn more. I think the below article will be very useful to your. https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010451397
  13. Average selling price is calculated by the value of the total sales divided by the number of sales. From this you should understand how to increase the average selling price.
  14. You can not maintain 2 account as buyer and seller as it is agains Fiver TOS, from a single account you can buy and sell. There for any how you have to delete one account.
  15. You can have good idea about to deactivate or permanently delete the Fiverr account by the below article. https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010140157
  16. Its a great achievement, I like your handwritten signature logo designs!.
  17. Best wishes! and you can research best selling gigs on the same category and compare with yours.
  18. This is when creating the gig packages. you can select delivery due time for each package. Maximum days limit is 90. You can select the delivery time according to your package.
  19. The below article with help you https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010451297-How-to-Start-Selling-on-Fiverr
  20. Having good reviews will give you a good reputation to have orders, but can not limit by numbers.
  21. @content_create The above message from the CS is regarding more than one account on single IP/Same location. Yes it is acceptable. Do not misunderstand this as this is not for multiple account for same user.
  22. Each conversation you will get a mai and you can see the messages by those mails. Other than that i think there are no options.
  23. It will appear left side of earning tap, wait and see you can have that great option.
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