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  1. If you are a newbie and need help to learn more about boosting your career as a freelancer, here are so important attributes to start with : 1. Strong Communication Skills 2. Time Management Skills 3. Persistence 4. Determination and Responsibility 5. Initiative 6. Goal Becoming a successful freelancer doesn’t require only skills. You need to have goals and work toward achieving such goals. 7. Flexibility 8. Self-discipline
  2. Freelancing is not just about finding work and making money. It’s almost like a game of survival. But don’t let it be just about finding the next client or the next gig. Make it about finding your financial freedom. And plan accordingly to work towards achieving it. 1. Define your expertise and what you want to offer 2. Set your prices competitively and adjust as needed 3. Build your digital presence 4. Learn To Be Polite 5. always learn more to Upgrade your freelance career
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