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  1. Hey guys help me. This never happened to me before.
  2. Thank you everyone for replies, I'm changing unlimited revisions to few revisions now.
  3. I edited and delivered a video for my buyer which was also full delivery. However he still wants me to edit his other videos for free as I gave him unlimited revisions and he keeps asking me to edit other videos through revision feature. Help me, suggest me what to do please 🙏
  4. Best of luck and remember to have patience
  5. Sorry, I don't know how to choose that category. Well, I get clicks but no order so idk what is wrong with my gig or is it same for other sellers too
  6. I get 4-5 clicks daily but noone of them place any order. So, I thought there's something wrong with my gig description or pricing so I almost changed everything looking at the competitors but still I can not manage to pull clients to order me. So, can someone help me know what is wrong with my gig?
  7. My first order was more than a year ago, second and third were 10 months before, however, I got 7 order in this month and completed 10 orders. Now it feels like fiverr actually works.
  8. nisedits


    These messages says they're going to hire me, I got 4 of these messages today already and they are really disturbing. They leave their telegram too. I can't attach picture rn for some reason. Please, can anyone explain it to me?
  9. I agree, I didn't get any order for months and suddenly got like 6 orders. It's been a week since I didn't get any but I know I'll get it soon.
  10. Thank you for checking my stats, my gigs are getting impressions and clicks but not as good orders, so I was thinking of editing the gig video. However, it seems fine after wandering through different topics on forum. Also, don't editing prices of my gig affect its ranking? And another thing is my last buyer was unhappy with the delivery so I revised for him. Now, he's no more replying when I delivered revised version and order isn't completed as well. What should I do?
  11. I am a new seller and recently I got 5 clicks from 700 impression with 1 order. Is it good or bad? What do you think is average click and order rate per 1000 impression? My conversion rate is 0.15, is it bad?
  12. It's been two month after my first order. I didnt get a review. zero clicks and impression are also low. I gave my 10 hours per day but no single order not even message or click. I dont really understand fiverr now. Sharing on social platforms doesn't work for me. when will I get an order or how can i get ? 😞
  13. I started fiverr in starting of May. Its more than than 2 moth now. I got my first order through social media after 1 month but didn't get the review. Now, second month has ended but I never got any orders after first order ie a month before. I keep on being online for 8+ hours a day. I also have skill for my gig but never get any click and order. I changed my keywords once for SEO which increased my impression but I still havent got any order. My gig image isn't unattractive but I still dont get any orders as well as clicks. I get at least 30 daily impressions in total but never got any click in last month. what should be done in this situation? does this happen to everuone or only me?
  14. I dont know why fiverr gives priority to buyers only
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