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  1. congrats! hope I will get level 1 before 2022
  2. It's been two month after my first order. I didnt get a review. zero clicks and impression are also low. I gave my 10 hours per day but no single order not even message or click. I dont really understand fiverr now. Sharing on social platforms doesn't work for me. when will I get an order or how can i get ? 😞
  3. this is why new sellers like us gets no order and have to get disappointed. just report them please
  4. I am a new seller, been 2 months here. I got one sell from social media before 1 month. After that never got any order and any click. I have tried everything possible but didnt work. Only high rated sellers get orders nowadays. they wont click to profile with zero reviews. So i think its lot more harder for new seller comparing before.
  5. I started fiverr in starting of May. Its more than than 2 moth now. I got my first order through social media after 1 month but didn't get the review. Now, second month has ended but I never got any orders after first order ie a month before. I keep on being online for 8+ hours a day. I also have skill for my gig but never get any click and order. I changed my keywords once for SEO which increased my impression but I still havent got any order. My gig image isn't unattractive but I still dont get any orders as well as clicks. I get at least 30 daily impressions in total but never got any click in last month. what should be done in this situation? does this happen to everuone or only me?
  6. I dont know why fiverr gives priority to buyers only
  7. my fiverr gigs gets no impression and clicks. I completed my first order without rating, after that I stopped getting any click. before that order i used to have good impression. Are my gigs dead? what should I do now?
  8. buyer can rate us even after order gets completed fr?
  9. it is completed but he is saying he reported to CS for not refunding. he could have given 1 star if he didnt liked my work but nope he liked and waited till completion to download. He just wants to take my account down. I just want know if it will affect my gig search result and new orders or not I will also contact CS now
  10. 😵 I think i earned money but he reported me for not refunding thats it
  11. it wasn’t my mistake i did quality work. isnt there any way to solve it?
  12. Completed? I don’t think a buyer can send cancellation requests on a completed/closed order. Do you mean “delivered” instead of “completed?” the order is completed. he wants refund from me.
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