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  1. i contacted CS they said its just a display issue they are working to make it right 🙂
  2. i just completed order of $60 and receive tip of $15 so the total amount i will receive should be $60 but it shows $40. is it a bug or fiverr increased their fee? whats the issue?
  3. some buyers dont care about TOS they just stole work and use for free how can i catch him using my work ??
  4. Just to let you know, if you ever catch a buyer using your work after they’ve received a refund for it, you are legally within your rights to ask them to remove the work from wherever it is they’re using it. Fiverr will back you up on that too! i dont think so …
  5. when we were working i sent him files several times but he did not have any issue with the resolution but after taking files without watermark now he is saying these are blurr its clear that he is making issue over resolution and thinking to ask refund and will use my work for free
  6. yea you are right i will not offer unlimited revisions after this experience but he is making unnecessary issue over resolution
  7. unlimited revision is not a problem i provide him 800 dpi files for printing i can see these are clear enough for printing ad not blurr at all but him is saying these are blurr i think he is going to use by work for free he is just making an unnecessary issue
  8. unlimited revisions, does not mean i will do revsions for my entire life
  9. CS is useless i know they will support that buyer
  10. i offer unlimited revisions but not after order compeletion
  11. Sellers are not safe here I think CS is no more usefull for sellers and blindly supporting fruad buyers i just want to know how many of you agree with this and sellers are welcome to share their horrible experinces with such kind of buyers sellers are unsafe from Fruad buyersAgreeNot Agree0voters
  12. i agreed with you. CS blindly support fraud buyers sellers are not safe here buyers just take completed work then ask for refund and use our work for free this is too much now fiverr should do something about this
  13. a buyer placed an order a month ago and its been almost a month he is texting me every minute with revisions even after order completion i did revisions for just a week then i politely said i did revision for a week now after that charges will be applicable for further revisions but now he is making an issue of resolution i provide him 600 dpi print ready pdf file that is not blurr at all its clear that he is making an issue of resolution i think now he will contact CS and CS will cancel order even without talking to me about the situation he will get this money back and will use my work for free. and i now CS will blindly support that buyer. i am fed up of this situation its been a month i am dealing with this toxic buyer what i am supposed to do now ???
  14. i made pakora curry for today’s dinner 😋 😋 punjabi-kadhi-pakora-recipe-1538×539 69.3 KB
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