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  1. One of the best posts on Fiverr. Thankyou so much for your information. 👍
  2. Jonbass you reminded me of my English Teacher, I get your point but no intention of selling anything through the Forum....Since I'm new I don't even know we can do that. But yes i can give some basic advice and guidance for sure.
  3. After reading Fiverr experience stories of sellers in the Forum I found most of them got their 1st Order around 2 to 3 months, but if your Gig is proper SEO everything is up to date you might get lucky to get it in the 1st month itself.
  4. Hello guys I wanted to know How many Gigs can be created by a New Seller. Total number of Gigs allowed for a New Seller, are there any limits?
  5. Actually my name is too long, I just wanted to use my initials instead. To make it look easy for the buyer to communicate. Thank You so much for this input you are awesome. 👍
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