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  1. The order has been completed and approved by the buyer. He cannot pressurise you to work for him again unless he makes a new order. I don't think his case against you has any backing
  2. Sellers have received warnings for a mere mention of a "feedback" or "review". It's best to err on the side of caution.
  3. There should be a provision where after a buyer exhausts their n number of free revisions as specified in the order contract, the system automatically charges the buyer for the paid revisions.
  4. I believe that if an order is marked "very late", ie, 48 hours has passed since the due delivery date, the buyer has the right to cancel the order without requiring the seller's approval
  5. This does not answer OP's question. Spamming the forum will not get you orders 🙂
  6. For BR privileges, they only count the positive rating statistics (which should be over 4.7). I started with my order completion rate metrics at a grand 0% after I cancelled my first ever order on fiverr. I was still able to send offers on BR.
  7. Block that buyer if you don't feel like working with them anymore
  8. Do you have any idea that what you are doing is against the rules?
  9. Are you saying that your previous account was disabled for some reason and now you created a second account? 🤨
  10. To add to what @captainwarlordhas said, having samples in your portfolio that is 100% not your own work is plagiarism and a serious breach of Fiverr TOS. It could lead to your account getting banned.
  11. This post is a year old. Let it die
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