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  1. Fiver promoted gig option will not work always. It will work for particular period. You will get a notifications once your gigs are promotable. Till that you have to promote by urself outside fiver.
  2. It can not be invisible. It should be somewhere as per the fiver gig ranking system, but it is difficult to find the exact place as there are huge number of gigs in your category. When viewing from different region it will be appear from different pages.
  3. Performing well only help you to rank your gig to the first page.
  4. It is good that you are thinking in a different way. But re-creating the gig to have more sales is not a good option. It is not recommended to create multiple gigs for the same service. For a particular service you should maintain only one gig then only it is easy for your to promote your gig. Also fiver will not select you for TRS if you are having more than 1 gig for a same service. Promoting your gig is the best option for have more sales.
  5. No body knows how exactly Fiverr gig ranking system is working. If you have have an attractive title with good tags and descriptions. And set basic and popular keywords in the title, tags, and description. Then only one thing you have to do is perform well to move your gigs to the first page.
  6. If you are promoting your gig then it will help you to get more business but no promotion methods will guaranteed to move your gig to the first page. Perform well, which is the best way.
  7. Please see the below article to know about how impression works Nobody knows how exactly Fiverr gig ranking system is working, Perform well, and If your gig having an attractive title with good tags and descriptions. And basic and popular keywords in the title, tags, and description. Then you no need to worry about where and which pages your gigs are at. Whenever you feels that your having low sales, then market your gigs where your targeted audiences are to get more sales. This is the best advice i can give you.
  8. By checking the gig can not find the issue. Read the below article to know about how impression works.
  9. The calculation is (Total Orders Completed within 60 days / Total Orders Taken within 60 days ) * 100. If you cancelled 2 orders then you have to receive 20 orders within 60 days to get the 90% rate Calculation (18/20)x100=90%
  10. Some buyers will filter by online sellers when searching. There for when you are online there are more chances for them to see your gigs.
  11. There is no any live chat option to the CS. You can open a ticket to resolve this from the below link https://www.fiverr.com/support/seller
  12. Refer the below article to know about how impression works.
  13. You can read the below article to know more about VID https://www.fiverr.com/pages/vid-program
  14. Now your account is under review, then you have to wait until the updated post. During this period you can only complete and submit pending orders.
  15. August is not a slow month, Now a days more business are going to the new sellers. Best selling old gigs are far away from first few pages on its category. This is due to the new ranking system. If there is no gig promotion option then, it is very difficult to have business for old sellers, other than having orders with continues buyers.
  16. Promote your gigs where your targeted audiences are.
  17. For ID verifications use your passport or driving licence. For me our country ID is not worked for ID verification and i used my driving licence.
  18. Earlier there was a option to change the reviews but now Unfortunately, Fiverr has changed their rules to where buyers cannot change their reviews. Even if they incorrect place a 4 star but meant to provide you with 5 stars, customer service will not let them change it anymore. Now you would be better not to discuss about it with the buyer and focus on your work to perform well.
  19. Thank you for sharing your experience! If you are offering unlimited revisions then you have to be ready to work on revisions even after the order marked as completed.
  20. By cancelling an order, if your order completed rate is going below 90% then it will be harmful. As your level will be demoted and your gig will go to the last page of its category. All cancellations can not be done by this way. If you want to cancel the order due to the mistake of buyer then you can try this way as it will not impact on your statistics.
  21. Once buyer marked the order as completed then they can find an option to tip the seller. No. they will not cancel once after the review. do not worry about it. But still we can read some topics as buyer canceled the order after review, those are paypal chargebacks. Yes fiver will have 20% commission all earnings even with the tips. Otherwise some cunning sellers can play with the system as selling with low price and earning by tips.
  22. This is not a good advice, you can not ask for a review any way as it will lead your account to be banned.
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