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  1. Hello everyone, Good day. I created a gig 1 year ago and i completed 17 order. But now i am not getting any order from long time. So, can i edit my gig title, tag, description, image etc. Please give me the best suggestions. Thanks to all.
  2. I want to know please, how many gigs can i create in one day? Thanks
  3. From long time i am not getting any buyer response. Should i need to do everyday gig marketing please? Give me the best suggestions please. Thanks
  4. no need to do edit after publish gig. you will lost your gig rank. create a new one with seo
  5. which suggestions you want to know please?
  6. you need to do seo when you will create gig please
  7. Hello everyone, My gig was on the first page. Suddenly I could not find my all gig. what should I do right now? Thank you sadia262191 Level Two Seller
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