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  1. Just check your gig is created in the exact category.
  2. You can ask any questions related to the job other than questions agains TOS, such as contact details.
  3. It is not a problem. You can share your link to get more business.
  4. If you are a new seller the buyer request is a great option to get orders. You can apply for suitable buyer requests up to 10 request per day and if any buyer interested in your service they will place the order.
  5. Before answering to your question when I viewed your gigs then I found that you have offered unlimited revisions. There for buyer can request limitless revisions and you have to provide revised works, whenever buyer ask for modifications. The best solution is to limit your revisions. hope to answered to your question.
  6. Apply buyer requests. I thinks for this services its difficult to find buyer request and best option is marketing your gig outside fiver.
  7. It should show as you have earned $4.00, there should be an error.
  8. This is just to check that your are a human or a artificial intelligent.
  9. Yes you can change your gig image. If you can replace with a better gig image then the previous one, then its much recommended to replace it. For some changes needed editorial approval, then your gig will not appear till the approval and there will be a drop in impressions. Once after the approval if your changes were better then previous, then it can reach more impression then earlier.
  10. Other than what i said you can not find any options. You can not correct or modify the negative review you got and no use of even thinking about the it. Perform well as i said above to get you next best review to over come with the past negative reviews. I have received 54 negative reviews but still you can see my profile with 5 star rating.
  11. Perform well with your work and communication to satisfy the customer with your delivery.
  12. Read below to know about how impression works :
  13. May be he got an order and finding some good designer to design it by buyer request, or just placing buyer request for fun.
  14. Forum members can not get you orders. You should promote your gigs where your targeted audiences are and also apply buyer requests.
  15. Promote your gigs where your targeted audiences are and also apply buyer requests.
  16. This is an unusual issue and thank you for sharing for us to be aware. How can it possible for the hacker to get your password from the sent link? Can you describe that how he got your password from the link. Unless your not given, it is not possible. Hope you get a soonest reply from the CS.
  17. hi, Just read the below article, it will help you. https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010451397
  18. Its is not same for level 2 sellers. It is only with your case. If you already contacted CS just wait for there response.
  19. You can find the answer from the below article https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360049982353-How-do-I-add-feedback-to-an-order?segment=buyer
  20. Clear your browser cash and try, or try with different browser and if you are using any VPN disable it.
  21. Once the order marked as completed buyer can review within 10 days. 10 days past then there are no options to review.
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