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  1. Hello, I am a Level 2 Fiverr seller since 2019, at start I was getting many orders as my gig was showing at search results and some were at the first page but It's been a year I am not getting a single query even my gig is not showing in search result I even hire a SEO expert and made changes including gig images, I also created some new gigs but that still not getting impression and clicks and not even single query. Should I delete all my gigs and create new gigs using the same profile? Will it treat as a new gig and seller? I have heard fiverr give many opportunity to new sellers. Please kindly help me to grow more. Thank you
  2. Hi i want to know if certain buyer requested revision after delivery and want us to do rework with offer to pay more but then disappear and not responding. what one should do in this situation?
  3. I'm Children Book Cover Design. But Now I'm wait a order. i'm new Sell but professional...plz help me
  4. Hello. My gigs impression has been going up in the past few days but I have no click despite the rate the impression is growing. Please what could be the problem, help.
  5. Dear Forum! I want to cancel the order, What i to do or how to do?? -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Hi, I just have delivered work to a different client mistakenly so I just want to ask that can I reverse it or does it effect anything?
  7. I am a level 2 seller and haven't received any order since 2 months. I have done SEO, social media marketing, changed gig images but nothing worked. Is there anyone else who is facing the issue? If anyone can review my profile and gigs, let me know so that I can share the link to be reviewed,
  8. Hello everyone, I want to get feedback on the order, I am developing cool advertising designs, who needs it, contact me!
  9. Hi, i am a new seller at a fivver marker place.How to get rank my gig? How much impression need to get first order?
  10. I have been learning digital marketing for the past few months. I have opened an account on fiver since 14/15 days ago. I gave the gig at fiverr. No order or message is coming. Giving beef at fiverr but not taking any beef. They are rejecting all the beef fiverr I gave them. Now what do I do?
  11. Not getting any brief matching requests. I am a new seller. After removing the buyer's request option it's almost impossible to get an order for a new seller. What can I do now? It feels like I am dying now for waiting for the buyer's brief. Please give me better solution.
  12. I want to order a voice over of 3000 words with full broadcast right, but I don't know what price I should choose. What does 1($15), 2($30) etc mean? Let's say the total price for voice overing 3000 words is 200 dollars, how much should I pay if want to add full broadcast right to the price? Thanks.
  13. Hello, I have a question for sellers who create logos on Fiverr. How long did it take for your first order to arrive?
  15. Sometimes Fiverr make good benefited more times.
  16. not getting any brief matching requests. I am a new seller. After removing the buyer's request option it's almost impossible to get an order for a new seller. What can I do now? It feels like I am dying now for waiting for the buyer's brief. Please give me better solution.
  17. I have completed my 30th order in fivver and Earned level one seller badge. Thanks Fiverr. If you have suggestion now what i i can do, let me know. Thanks All, Happy Freelancing.
  18. So my client have placed an order without any attachments , now how do i get the attachments ? can we edit the order ? or can we send Google drive link on chat?
  19. Hello Everyone, How can I make a high-quality and professional gig? It should be ranked on the first page and get the briefs. Thanks
  20. Hello, I am new here and would appreciate any tips, profile checking and advises to get orders here. Have a great day everyone ! Kind regards, Jeremie
  21. Hi friends, I have an order yesterday and i am complete the order within a day and delivered but the buyer not response my massages and i think she not complete my order What happen for my order, I'm new one and i don't know about it please someone answer this😔 Her account info show she started account this month. I'm works so hard, what happen my seller account order completion is show low?
  22. Hi, Hope you are doing well, I have opened a new account on Fiverr. Please provide some advice to get my first order from Fiverr that will help me to build my career on Fiverr for your advice. Pray for me. Thanks for your time.
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