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  1. I have completed my second order with 5 star ratting and tips. I am working in short video ads.
  2. I just got 23th Order. Now time to Complete Order.
  3. Successfully completed 50th order
  4. Hello! I've been trying to get $ and reviews for 2 months already. One order is failed, one of buyers (potatoesvolcano) don't answer. Messenger says he's "away". What am I doing wrong? Maybe my gigs are made badly? Or I should be more active on forum? Also, I'm in Writer's block. I'm trying to make app for cinema but my friends don't consider it a good project for portfolio. Meanwhile, I have less time for coding then usually because of academic term.
  5. How covid affected your orders?
  6. New Order complete with Book Cover Design
  7. Dear All, Please confim me it si possible that the gig not display after getting order My gig did not display at the moment "Coldfusion"
  8. Hello everyone, I am a new seller on Fiverr. I was did publish a gig. now my question how can I geteart a order? and how can I show first page to my gig?
  9. I can't get any orders. - I haven't received any orders since I became a Level 1 seller. Now if I do, I will get the order again. There are no orders and my gig clicks and impressions are going down day by day. It's been 25 days since I became a level 1 seller. But I can't get any orders. What can I do now help me a little. Thanks. Rajon971.
  10. Now, I have no order at this time, can you help?
  11. Brother, let me know, How can I get the first order? I have been working last 2 months but did not get an order. Thanks Check my one gig here: https://www.fiverr.com/creativesaidul6/design-a-plumber-handyman-and-cleaning-service-flyer
  12. Requests are being made after being active on Fiber but no orders are being received. There is no response even after making a very professional buyer request. That's why you can get response from buyers and get dozens of orders. I want to hear some discussion about that
  13. Order "Revision Request" What effect does an order "revision request" actually have on a gig ranking?
  14. I am very happy, I have just completed one more order with 5 Start Rating. Happy Buyer 🙂
  15. Just random discussion out if curiosity How long after you signed up on the platform did it take you to get ordered?
  16. I got a order after long time and buyer give me 5 star review
  17. why my gigs click very low? recently, my gigs click has very low. but impressions is high. not getting enough order so far.
  18. Hi; So I explained in detail what I was gonna do to a client and they completely agreed and asked me to start working. After the Delivery they started asking me for totally different tasks. I'm just afraid if they leave me a bad review if i refuse. I'm relatively new and a bad review would ruin me as a seller. Any suggestions? EDIT: They asked for cancellation, would that affect my gig? and what if he just takes my work for free?
  19. i got my first order, website fixing issue, but buyer didn't give me website access (login id and pass) now he don't reply my message...
  20. Its my personal opinion. What if Fiverr add bid system like Upwork then there will be two system running like we can bid and also buyer can like our gig. I am saying this because i see some of top rated, level two seller including me surviving to get order, it will be nice if we bid and get more order.
  21. after 4 month i got My 1st order..pray for me
  22. Hi, I am on fiverr for few months. At first I got some orders and completed them successfully. But for last 3 months I am not getting any orders. Please help me.
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