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  1. Good luck! Following the advice of members here would have been better than going ahead and messaging the client.
  2. Well, hats off to you for your patience and perseverance. I developed repetitive strain injury from typing the same thing. 🙂
  3. Staying online, on Fiverr, does NOT guarantee orders, or success. That's not how Fiverr works. You're shouting into a void. 🙂
  4. You can try the export to CSV on your earnings page too. This will give you a revenue report. I don't know if that will be enough but you can try. Do you not have a bank account already where you send your earnings too? Bank statements should be enough.
  5. Well, then go back to CS. If you've genuinely been screwed over then they should be able to spot that and sort it out for you. If they stick with the warning, take it on the chin and move on. And block the buyer. You'll just get the same advice in the forum and no one can solve the problem here.
  6. Your profile and gigs look tidy and decent. There are over 30,000 gigs in the Wordpress Landing Page category. You'll need some patience to get orders or find a way to stand out more.
  7. You can add additional paid revisions or include none at all. Unfortunately, buyers can continue to requests them until the cows come home. An update on the site would really help this.
  8. You can be absolutely sure this is from Fiverr can you? Where does it say that? Where is the team members name?
  9. Unless you get this from CS, don't give it another thought. This buyer seems to be making a lot of effort to bully you into providing free work. Block them.
  10. Same advice from some other members - factor this into your price. I checked your gigs and I think you have enough reviews to be able to raise your prices anyway. This will get rid of a lot of the bottom feeders. We all know charging industry rates here will scare some people off but being a level 2 seller and charging $5 for 200 words is selling yourself WAY short. Include commercial rights, you can always give custom offers to buyers who don't need commercial. I'd bump up the broadcast rights too. Just advice of course!
  11. It's not unusual to have such a clearance time on earnings. 14 days feels like a drag but it isn't that bad (I used to have to wait for 3 months to get invoices paid by some companies I offered my freelance services to). 7 day clearance really is one of the major benefits of being a TRS seller and good motivation to get there!
  12. You start a new post in Fiverr Stories about...your Fiverr Story. The benefit is that someone maybe takes some inspiration from it or learns something.
  13. No, reviews can't be changed and CS certainly wouldn't change it just because he's annoyed about you not working with him anymore. I would block the buyer asap.
  14. It depends why you're reported but this reason you give here is ridiculous. You're allowed to turn down orders without proving how heavy your workload is. Just speak to CS. If it is as you say, I can't see the report going anywhere.
  15. Hiya! Sorry to hear this. Contacting the resolution centre first is a good idea, they may be able to give the seller a nudge. I wouldn't say you're overthinking it, you've paid for a job and it's the responsibility of us sellers to communicate well. You could also consider cancelling and going through someone else, but I understand that's time wasted and a bit of a pain in the backside.
  16. OK. First I would make absolutely sure of how to manage it. CS will be able to give you the right information. Receiving things by post can't be a problem because Fiverr is full of various gigs that require a postal exchange, but CS may offer you advice about how to word these messages. Do you have the option of a business address? Post office collection or something so you can keep your home address private?
  17. A Fiverr search for "keep secrets" brings up four sellers and you're one of them. I'd say you're going to have no problem getting noticed by buyers looking for this service.
  18. I'm going to assume you have a modelling gig. How do you usually receive items to model from clients?
  19. Bad advice. Contact CS before you do anything. Get the correct information. Multiple accounts can come with a ban. You can edit the account you have, why start a new one at all?
  20. Every time you edit your gig it takes time for traffic to come back. I think edits need to be approved. The best time is only when you need to make an improvement and during quiet times, like weekends. Don't edit constantly.
  21. The new ranking system has likely caused an increase in this kind of forum activity. There is the ever-present myth that forum activity somehow helps sellers get orders or better ranking.
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