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Found 10 results

  1. I need to change the delivery time of my gigs, but i'm wondering if that affect my gig ranking
  2. Creating my first GIG I am not able to chose more than 3 days Delivery neither on the Basic package, neither on the Standard and Premium. Could anyone help me?
  3. Hi everyone. I recently had a buyer order my programming lesson gig, and I sent them a custom offer with 2 days delivery (my standard delivery for this gig). After further conversation, we arranged our lesson to take place on 3/12/22. The day after our chat, I proceeded to send them a 6-days delivery date extension request, but understandably the client didn't log into our chat yet, considering that we weren't supposed to talk until our lesson. The order is now considered "Late". I contacted customer support earlier today asking about this, but haven't received a response yet after about 6 hours. Some things to note: I sent the delivery date extension request before the order was late, and it says it's valid until 1/12/22 (since that's 2 days before when we're supposed to meet, I don't expect them to respond in time). If this request is accepted, will the order still be marked as late? Is there any way I can prevent this? Follow up question: this is my very first order on this particular gig, so would it be acceptable for me to delete and remake the gig after the order is completed? I know I would potentially lose a review, but I very much don't want to have any records of late deliveries in my account since speed is one on my best qualities as a seller.
  4. How to Accept "Delivery Time Extend Request" From a Buyer Profile? (Can anybody share a screenshot) Thanks!
  5. until
    What You'll Learn We know that there can be some confusion about how to maintain sellers metrics on Fiverr. ''Delivery on time" can cause a lot of stress and confusion. This event allows all sellers to hear about some important steps that you need to follow to maintain your delivery on time metrics even when your customer is not responding. We want to make sure that this community shares knowledge within it so that all sellers feel like they have the support they need to further their career on Fiverr. Key Topics: How Delivery on Time works What are some rules and policies that you need to know about How to use resolution center How to avoid false/partial delivery warning Confirm Your RSVP: https://events.fiverr.com/Effective-ways-to-maintain-Delivery-on-Time-metrics-07222022 Show up, find your people, and learn something new.See you there! Speaker: Md Zahidul Islam Creative Director Fiver Community Team Leader
  6. Hello , hope you all are doing good ! I've a doubt suppose I make a delivery on Date 01/01/2022 , the buyer has not either accepted or rejected it , so according to Fivers norms it will be auto-accepted on 04/01/2022 if buyer takes no action (3 days from date of delivery) but , if I make a delivery again on 02/01/2022 then that 3 days will be counted again from 02/01/2022 (ending at 05/01/2022)or it will be same 04/01/2022 .
  7. Many of you might have experienced this. I recently had an order which I completed on time. Two days later, buyer purchased a gig extra with 1 day delivery. Boom! LATE warning everywhere! Although the order was delivered and completed on the same day, my "on-time delivery" rate dropped to 91%! Just like that. When I contacted Fiverr regarding this, they gave me a reply that it's how the Fiverr system works! Whenever a Gig extra is added to an order, the duration is extended in a way that it adds to the original duration of the order. So, even if you're a seller who delivers on time, a buyer's gig extra purchase can affect your on-time delivery analytics (which will badly affect the gig ranking if it's dropped too much). This needs to be fixed, what do you guys think?
  8. Hello everyone.. i am new in fiverr.. i got an order. I have 3 questions.. hope you all help me out. 1. Basically i deliver my order 12hours before...but after 2 days, today buyer request me for revision. and now i noticed that fiverr shows ,my delivery is being 1 day late..but how and why? 2. i want to know that how to accept revision request? can anyone please show me screen shot?cause i couldn't find it. My pc does not show any revision request,but my mobile shows that revision request... 3. how to deliver revision works?i mean is there any specific option for revision delivery? or something? if you share screenshot,then it will more helpfull for me. thanks in advance...
  9. Hi everyone, Hope everyone's healthy and doing great. I have some questions and concerns related to my on-time delivery rate. I've been a seller for quite awhile but I don't work frequently due to some reasons but I've kept my other metrics 100% except my on-time delivery. I got my last order from a client suddenly without any discussion and for some reason didn't get a notification right away. In short I was late on my delivery and the client wasn't upset at all but my delivery rate went down from 100 to 85-80 percent. After I didn't get any orders even though I'm working with another long term client but those orders take time so the problem I'm facing right now is my delivery rate automatically gets lower and lower e.g after my last order it went from 85 to 75 and now it's 67 percent even if I didn't get any orders after the first one. I'm a little confused and concerned because it's easy to get your rate down from just one order and hard to get your metrics up and positive again. I'll appreciate any guidance or direction from you guys. Thanks in advance for reading this and sharing your knowledge.
  10. Hi, I have a question. We know if any seller open a dispute for cancellation but buyer not response the order will be cancelled in 3 days. What if, by this time the expected delivery time ended? Thanks in advance!
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