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  1. Will changing the working field in Fiverr be a problem for the account? My account is currently created and published gig as a graphic designer but after completing a course about UI/UX Design I want to work as a UI/UX Designer as well. is this will affect my account negatively?
  2. Why is the impression of my gigs decreasing like this? I tried to optimize possibly I can but my gig impressions and clicks still decreasing. this happens after gig exchange by using social media (sharing gig with others and they check out my gig and save it as their fav)
  3. Yeah. I am now trying to optimize gigs as much as I can and change thumbnails and gig videos more attractive way possible. and also doing that gig exchange thing that most of FB group members do. (Save another seller gig to your favorite and click around gig images)
  4. thanks. I was kind of worried that if I didn't stay online that might affect my profile.
  5. If I didn't stay online 24/7 is that affect my gig impression and clicks? I mean my gig was reaching quite good recently but suddenly their impression and clicks started to decrease.
  6. I stayed online for at least 12 hours a day but some top-level sellers on forum said that staying online on Fiverr all that time isn't affect that Gigs much. My Fiverr Profile
  7. Make your gig title and gig description easier to read and more eye-catching.
  8. How long do our Gigs stay in high rank on Fiverr do I need to SEO optimize again? or will it up again automatically?
  9. Well at first I didn't even know what "SEO" meant. but most of the sellers recommend that I need to optimize my gigs and profile. what do you think about my progress in impressions and clicks? Things I did - changed my gigs titles to more simpler ones (remove the attractive, creative, outstanding like words) redesign my thumbnails. rewrite my profile description and Gigs descriptions. (I am not an expert but seeing reaching gigs like this kind of satisfying )
  10. Guy, I updated my gigs but I want an outsider's thoughts about my Gigs and profile can you help me? I am looking for negative feedback My Profile - Fiverr account
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