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  1. @jonbaas and @vickiespencer have pretty much covered it. Your profile description could also use some consideration. For example, "So don't waste your time contacting me late. Order me now so I will start your research quickly." While I know what you mean here, it isn't very good for the service you are offering. If I'm going to pay someone to proofread my material in English, I want to know they have a good understanding of English. Being understood alone isn't good enough for a proofreader, editor, etc.
  2. @mariashtelle1 is probably on the money here. No one would remove your reviews and images unless they somehow violated the terms of service, and I don't think buyers could come back and decide to remove the images for whatever reason, especially that many. Check your live portfolio settings. If that doesn't help then contact CS.
  3. Oh boy, I'm sorry. That sounds like a hack job. I hope you get everything back on track!
  4. No plan B in terms of freelancing. Just various freelancing activities. My thinking is that if I have a plan B then I'll end up following plan B because it's easier. Having only plan A keeps me on my toes. I can understand why others have a plan B, though!
  5. Oh, I dunno. I think $5 for a 100,000 word book is pretty reasonable.
  6. Search the forum for similar questions. There are many posts about the same thing. There you will find advice and experience from other sellers.
  7. You can also post a request for this in he buyer request section.
  8. Hey, it happens to us all. Of course share your gig wherever you wish, but it doesn't guarantee a constant in impressions and clicks. Trying to figure it out will give you a headache. Don't worry about it too much, it will go up again.
  9. Congratulations on your promotion!
  10. The only way a review can be removed by CS is if it breaks the terms of service. Otherwise, it stays on a sellers profile.
  11. Another of Sony's buyers. What are the odds?!! Maybe name your next account "it's-me-again123" it'll be less obvious.
  12. The OP probably knows what he needs. He would like to know why his request is unapproved.
  13. I didn't do much towards it. 😉 I hope it's the same everywhere in the not too distant future.
  14. The OP isn't asking how to use one, they are asking if you should on Fiverr and the answer is no. It will get the user a warning when it's picked up.
  15. It's crossed my mind that this is what some people are up to.
  16. The cases are down to zero in the city where I live in Germany.
  17. At 50%+ domination, one only needs to threaten the map and it posts itself.
  18. No, you can't, not without getting a warning.
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