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  1. I agree. Anyone who wants something NOW is a red flag. I've done last minute jobs for return clients or people who have had the first attempt totally messed up by someone else, but in my general experience buyers who have a 2 hour deadline are pretty unprofessional and extremely difficult to work with. No one is saying that it's completely pointless to stay online but it's not as important as many sellers think.
  2. It's served me well in all of my professional and personal endeavours. Especially when looking to where I would like to be vs where I am has become overwhelming. Many small steps go a loooong way.
  3. There are probably thousands of discussions about this on Fiverr. People who sleep still get orders.
  4. It's helpful to others if you share a gig link to people can have a look.
  5. https://www.fiverr.com/pro?source=footer
  6. If your gig would benefit from being edited with better information and descriptions then go for it. Editing it won't guarantee orders, though.
  7. This is pretty standard on platforms like this. If it were to go higher then many of us would have an issue, but 20% is pretty good considering the potential exposure the platform can give you. Maybe you should raise your prices so that you're happy with what you take home for every order.
  8. Hi, Unfortunately, there is no partial refund policy, which would be very helpful. I doubt it will ever be brought in, though. On the few occasions when a client has asked me for a partial refund, I've offered them a future credit and they've been pretty happy with that. It's not an official thing on the platform and works on trust between myself and the buyer, but it has saved me cancellations. On one occasion a buyer wanted a refund on an extra they'd booked that they decided they didn't want in the revision round. In that case I politely told them that no refund was due as I'd done the work.
  9. No. This will get you a warning or account suspension.
  10. It's not easy to tell what goes into the decision to promote someone to TRS. You obviously have success here and great reviews. There's a lot of background "stuff" too. Private reviews, etc. I really don't know if CS could offer you any clarification on why you haven't been promoted. Have you considered trying out Seller Plus for a little while? It's worth its weight in gold, at least in my experience.
  11. I didn't make any jokes about dying. I said I've never died and I was serious. The vast majority of the posts in the forum are from people who want to know something and many have light-hearted and funny responses. Nothing is meant to be offensive or hurtful and if this is something extremely sensitive for you then clarification in the title wouldn't be a bad thing.
  12. If you don't want any fun or humour in anyone's responses, fair enough, you can always put in your title that you only want serious responses.
  13. I've never died so I'm not sure. The stats probably go down to 0% after a while.
  14. If you're happy with your gigs and the descriptions, etc, all you can do now is be patient and also utilise the buyer request section if you wish.
  15. Every time you edit your gigs the changes need to be approved so you will lose ranking for 1-2 days. Even when you don't edit your gigs you will sometimes go down in the rank. There are hundreds of thousands of sellers on Fiverr, we can't expect to rank top constantly. Deleting your gigs and creating new ones just to rank isn't very helpful for you.
  16. It happens to everyone. You can't keep yourself "safe" from it. With so many sellers on the platform, it's bound to happen that your gigs move down the ranks occasionally.
  17. Deleting all of your gigs is no problem, but creating new ones won't guarantee a better ranking.
  18. It's best to find a way to contact Paypal, there will be an option somewhere.
  19. There's nothing particularly "special" about VID buyers. Just do what you would do for any buyer.
  20. I gave up regular jobs about six years ago, but it did take me almost seven years of trial and error to find my feet and thrive as a freelancer. leading up to that. There are overnight successes but I wasn't one. 🙂
  21. This is a big beef with many sellers, myself included. The often brutal rating and level system. If it's clear on your gig have you tried asking CS to cancel for you without it affecting your stats and levels?
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