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  1. I grew up with dogs, by that I mean my family had dogs, I wasn't raised by dogs in the wild or something. But now I'm a cat person. Dogs are beautiful souls but far too needy. Same reason I don't want kids.
  2. Because sometimes it's nice to be involved in a post that has nothing to do with gigs and impressions.
  3. Apart from anything else, staying online 24 hours a day is bad for a person's health and the health of whatever device they're using. If a buyer wants to work with you then they will and most people are familiar with the concept of a private life and sleep. Some buyers may need something doing very urgently and look specifically for online buyers but generally they have a reasonable deadline.
  4. No, it isn't true. The forum has absolutely no link to the Fiverr platform. And the "mentors" pushing this should stop. The forum is for having questions answered, learning and connecting. People believing that forum activity converts into orders are wasting their time and filling the forum will unnecessary posts and responses.
  5. Thank you for offering good advice instead of the same bad advice that swirls around about online time and forum activity. 🙂
  6. You fallen for one of the oldest tricks in the Fiverr buyer's book. Never, EVER send work without having an order in place.
  7. I think it's how many clicks and/or custom offers are converted into orders, but I'm not sure. I've never paid much attention to these stats. One week I can hit 12 thousand impressions, the next I'm lucky to get 1000 and my conversion rate has never gone above 1%. I get orders though and make my money so I leave to conversion gremlins to their own business.
  8. There are all kinds of background statistics and factors that are considered when promoting a seller to top rated. Response rates, private reviews, etc. Many sellers never get it for whatever reason even if they've hit all of the visible requirements. I hope you get selected eventually!
  9. Usually, I have orders within 1-3 days after turning off vacation mode. I'm away for 3 weeks in August, let's see how long it takes to recover on Fiverr after having having the nerve to have a life for a few weeks.
  10. Both members have suggested you contact CS to ask them to cancel the order for you without it affecting your stats.
  11. It really would depend on each seller how they do it. I would charge broadcast rights per project. If I were to get lines to do for the same game at a later date, I would just charge for those lines. That said, that would require trust. I've been scammed out of rights more than once, mostly commercial rights. I Include this in my price now rather than as an additional extra. I don't think anyone has ripped me off with broadcast rights because that would have consequences. Anyway, I digress. Discussing it with each individual and coming to an agreement is the best way.
  12. If you click on Seller Plus you should get the information. Or search the forum, there are at least two official posts about it.
  13. I second looseink. Your education definitely comes first and your well-being. Having said that, it's fantastic that you're getting orders on Fiverr and have the opportunity to earning money on your own terms through college. If I'd know about Fiverr when I was a student I might not have been killing myself in a restaurant for a hell boss during the evenings. Knowing your own line and capacity is important. If I have a lot happening outside of Fiverr, I will set my out of office for a couple of days or extend my delivery times to get a bit of breathing space. It's also great to consider a future with Fiverr but, personally, I wouldn't recommend that anyone throw all of their eggs into this basket. It can be volatile and unpredictable when it comes to orders. But not for everyone!! Anyway, education is important precious and making money is great. Enjoy both and take care of yourself. By the way. Once you have a good chunk of reviews under your belt, consider raising your prices. What you're offering is gold at $5. I just finished a TV pilot draft at 55 pages and my writing mentor charged me 75 euros to read it and give notes and I was MORE than happy to pay that.
  14. this must be allowed with approval. It would be nuts to stamp out collaborations by slamming everything with a ToS violation.
  15. You have the option to message forum members via the forum, but don't do it over the Fiverr platform itself as this is considered spamming and you risk being reported. I would only contact a forum member via the forum if I had a question that I can't find a solution to from the posts that exist already. Not everyone wants to be messaged privately.
  16. I would hazard a guess that arranging outside contact with another seller would still fall under a ToS violation. Asking the CS oracle would be best.
  17. If you've met all the requirements you'll be promoted to level one today. There is a difference in time zone so it will happen later if not already.
  18. There's a lot of work on Fiverr, I'd argue even more since the recent major promotions of the site. But there are thousands more sellers now too, particularly since COVID took out many people's employment. You're offering a similar services to many others. There are over 25,000 gigs in Social Posts and Banners alone. I'd say you're already ahead of many with the orders and reviews you've got and hopefully that will help bring you more orders in the future.
  19. This is your own gig, obviously! You can share your gig in the my gigs category.
  20. I've noticed that only completed orders with a review have the early payout option.
  21. I'd say you have enough of a good reputation on Fiverr to raise your prices from $5, but that's your choice. Clearance time is a separate issue and I don't know the ins and outs of why it's 14 days, then 7 days.
  22. Good luck! Following the advice of members here would have been better than going ahead and messaging the client.
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