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  1. Hi, I haven't looked at all your gigs but noticed your spacing before or after commas and full-stops needs correcting.
  2. I just make my cat take over. She loves working nights.
  3. HAHA! Yeah, don't ask a tobacconist for a packet of f*gs anywhere outside of the UK.
  4. Maybe Spain first with a Spexit. But hopefully not Germany, where I live now, with a Gexit. I do enjoy the nostalgia of visiting the UK and paying for my fish 'n chips with a few English quid.
  5. The good old empire is a bit weak in the knees at the moment, what goes around comes around. 🙂 Your 51% is impressive. Have you ever considered a career as a dictator?
  6. True. And without wanting sound like a poor-little-me, I've lost a lot of people and some who were very young. I've tried to develop a light-hearted relationship with death because it's coming like it or not and it helps me deal with the abject terror. 🙂 I certainly didn't mean to upset or offend here, though.
  7. Of course you will! I'm looking forward to seeing where you dominate first.
  8. That is so cool! 70%+, blimey, that's some good going.
  9. Yeah, Brazil is proving to be quite elusive. New Zealand was a recent score!
  10. My mind sprang immediately to a certain someone! 29% is pretty rockin'. I have the most sales in the US and the UK. I felt powerful when I dominated Russia with my one sale. 😄
  11. Just for a laugh. How much of the world have you dominated during your time on Fiverr? Disclaimer: Dominating the world will not guarantee you orders or an increase in impressions and clicks.
  12. There are many, MANY posts from sellers asking the same thing. Taking some time to read what others have posted may provide you with some information. You also have the option to ask for feedback on your gig(s) in the My Fiverr Gigs and Improve my Gig categories. But please provide a link in your posts. It's quite irritating when members ask for feedback and then can't even be bothered to put a link there.
  13. There's no shame in this. We all need that initial boost. I did some right junk for peanuts when I first started out and when I was acting in theatre I was happy to get paid in tea and biscuits. Now I expect the biscuits to have chocolate on as well. 😉
  14. It's a good thing for clients who come back to you again and again, and if you don't mind giving a discount.
  15. I've never used it myself as I don't really see a benefit for my service. I offered it for two months and no one took it. I suspect it may have become a headache too with potential cancellations. I guess for other sellers in different categories it's great, though.
  16. Thank goodness for small mercies! It can be like working with nursery kids. Tantrums everywhere.
  17. The Freelance Fear is legit! staying grounded and present with that helps a lot too!
  18. I agree. Anyone who wants something NOW is a red flag. I've done last minute jobs for return clients or people who have had the first attempt totally messed up by someone else, but in my general experience buyers who have a 2 hour deadline are pretty unprofessional and extremely difficult to work with. No one is saying that it's completely pointless to stay online but it's not as important as many sellers think.
  19. It's served me well in all of my professional and personal endeavours. Especially when looking to where I would like to be vs where I am has become overwhelming. Many small steps go a loooong way.
  20. There are probably thousands of discussions about this on Fiverr. People who sleep still get orders.
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