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  1. What's the problem about buyer request? I can't see any request from last night. Is the problem for only me or everyone?
  2. Hello, anytime I open my buyer request, it is always empty, a WordPress developer, how do I change this?
  3. Hello Friends! Anyone from you can share your fiverr experience that what is the best time to send a buyer request? And What is the best time for online at fiverr. (for pakistan time)
  4. Is it just me or these past few days, there aren't a lot of buyer request coming in ? I always check & log on around the same certain time that the Buyer Request will be full loaded with request. But these past few days i logged on (again in the same certain time where usually it's full of request), there's only little to none requests coming in😓 Does our inactivity in the app / website also affect the buyer requests that's coming in ? Do you guys have other tips ?
  5. Last some days I don't get buyer request, What is the problem?
  6. Hi Fellows and Support Staff, Is this normal? I am a new seller. Created my first gig few days ago. And I cannot see any buyer requests. Is there a minimum numbers of gig you should create before getting access to buyer requests or is it a bug?
  7. Hi everyone, I am a new seller on fiverr. I create my account eight month ago, but I am not get order. Please give me suggestion, how can I create a beautiful gig, get more Impression, click and order? And how can I send Impressive buyer request? Please check My profile. Thanks sakibhosenraia3
  8. Hi Everyone,🙏 I hope you are doing well. Today I am going to tell you how to send an effective buyer request and get a response from the buyer. I hope it will very helpful for the new sellers. At first, read the full buyer request carefully and find what want the buyer. You need to find the main topic which is buyer want. Then Think about how you can satisfy your buyer with your offer and why the buyer read your offer and send you a message. Then think about how to send your request deferent to other sellers. When this is done then start writing. 1. Don't call Sir or Madam just call his/her Name if have otherwise call Hi, Hello or Hi there. 2. Discuss his/her work and tell him how to do his/her work. 3. All-time focus client time and budget don't try to more than client budget and time. If the client has time 7 days You will try to do that 5 days if possible. 4. Try to make a question on his/her topic it will very helpful for getting a response. 5. At last respect your client and invite him/her to send you a message. 6. After sending a buyer request try to be active online 24/7 hours because if a client sends you a message you can respond quickly. I hope if you will follow this all topic step by step it will help you to get a response to buyer.
  9. Hello I am a new seller on fiverr. How can I get my frist order? and what should I have to do as a new seller?
  10. Hi Everyone, I'm new in Fiverr, and just done my first gig in 2 days ago. I just wonder why my buyer request always empty ? there is no any request appear. Should I waiting more longer ? or any advice for me ? Thank you ^_^
  11. Have you ever landed a gig through buyer request? How did you do it?
  12. Hi Fiverr Experience Seller, I am new to Fiverr and would like to know how to properly submit a Buyer Request as per Buyer's request. Thank you in advance.
  13. Hello everyone, when I try to search my own Gig under the same title, it won't show up in results. Why is that? because I am receiving quite few buyer requests than before. Please help. Thank you.
  14. I was joined Fiverr two months ago and I got some orders from here. The previous day showed some buyer request post on my Fiverr "Buyer request" page but on a recent day, I don't see any buyer request post that's why I can't send any offer now. What can I do now for solve this issue? Please need some experience people comment.
  15. Please New seller! Focus on Buyer Request . you'll Get the 1st Order Easily. Keep Try ,Try One day You Can Fly!!!!
  16. I have three gigs, but not receiving buyer requests from several days.. how to fix it?
  17. Hello experienced sellers, I'm new seller at fiverr. Spent almost 2 months as a new seller, and everyday I'm sending buyer requests based on my skills. But the issue is I'm not getting enough buyer requests as per my skills and meta tags, I get buyer requests but not more than 5/6. Sometimes i get no buyer requests at all for 1-2days. 1. How to get buyer request as per my skill and meta tags, so i can send my everydays 10 offers to them? 2. Do i need to update my gig and decrease my price? === Asking for help/advice from respected experienced sellers and advisor. ====== 💕Thanks in advance 😇
  18. If you're like me, you use Fiverr as a buyer and a seller. As I buyer I decided to make buyer request to get some offers for some art I needed, and one of the things that happened during this process was that sellers wouldn't just send me an offer but they would go to my profile and message me directly. Seeing a flood of messages I could in no way respond to all of them, so I just went through them and deleted anything that didn't fit with what I needed, this was a huge mistake, as it turns out that any messages you get when in buyer mode counts towards your message response rate and message response time stats and by deleting these messages from people I wasn't interested in working with, I've made my message response rate 33% which is in the red for my stats, which is not good, it also inflated my response time to 9 hours as I decided to make the buyer request and sleep on it to go through everything the next day. Long story short, if you use Fiverr as a seller to also buy things using buyer requests, use a different account to avoid ruining your stats.
  19. Very very Important tips for buyer request. Let's visit the link below:
  20. If you are a new seller then Buyer Request much helpful to get some orders. So many people asking how they can get more buyer requests. Hopefully, these 4 steps will be helpful to get more buyer requests: Follow-up -- On daily basis, make sure that you will be submitting the proposals to the buyers under Buyers request section. It may seem to be time consuming and lot of patience is required but in my view it has a great potential to get strike with a deal. Feedbacks-- They are highly crucial, you need or force any existing buyer to place the same but can give a hint to have this as it will support you. When you have positive feedbacks and ratings, you can be in the eyes of other potential buyers soon. Gig Video-- Place a video which should be preferably self explanatory and mentioning key highlights of your services. This increases credibility. And it doesn't mean not to have Gig images, you must take full advantage of all given provisions by the platform FAQs-- Try not to ignore this section. Think and analyze what all queries a potential buyer might have about your offered services. There you can have a chance to impress them with any specific offer or add on that could help you to stand in for completion.
  21. Alhamdulillah, Fiverr I got the first order. With a lot of patience, I sent the buyer request and came with the first order. Everyone will pray.
  22. After fiverr update their category (like they update lead generation Business to sales to Lead Generation) i can't find any buyer request which is related with my gig. Not even any single buyer request. Why this happening? Why can find any lead generation buyer request?
  23. How to get first order on fiverr?
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