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  1. Hi, Fiverr community, It's been many months since I posted gigs on my Fiverr profile, and I've just been sitting there waiting for someone to buy services from me. Before November, there was an option called "Buyer's Request," and the freelancer would go and send offers to buyers, and you could get noticed that way. But now you just have to wait and wait for someone to show up and buy your gigs. Now it's not possible that a new freelancer can show his work, portfolio, or project that he has done in the past to the clients and still get the work. Buyers will always prefer the old freelancers who have great reviews and have done hundreds of projects instead of someone new on Fiverr who wants to achieve his freelancing goals. Are there any affected freelancers who are desperate to get their first order on Fiverr but can't due to shifts in the rules that are now only affecting new freelancers? Thanks for reading this long paragraph and hoping to get some answers.
  2. Hi Im a Seller since 2019 and had completed several orders Nearly 30+ Orders with 5 start reviews. Most of the orders i got using buyer requests since they are took off there are no opportunity for me. I tried adding several gigs and did seo as much i can. Still no progress. What should I do. I started this with video editing catogary then I changed the Catogary to web design Is that the something wrong? I dont need to leave this because I spent lot of days to achieve this even without sleeping. Is there are anything I can Do? I just need to do this. I have somewhat skill and I proved it all of my orders 5 star rated but the I only got orders from buyer requests. What happened to me. Any word will be a great help for me.
  3. I am a little disappointed with the new feature in the Buyer request section. An Algorithm was introduced to improve the way buyers and sellers find the perfect match. And most of the time, it is not related to the niche services that most of us offer on here. For example: someone might specify in social media, yet he gets a match for a virtual assistant for a business that doesn't have social media in common. I really loved the old school way of choosing buyer requests and actually finding a buyer that needs those specific requirements that you offer. I feel the current algorithm is that of Tinder, just for freelancers and buyers. What are your thoughts on this?
  4. wise_artist


    Hi everyone! I have not match with even a single brief. Any reason behind this? I have set my starting rate 5$ of briefs. But still not got a single brief. Thanks
  5. hello everyone how are you I think you are well.. actually long time late I decide work on fiverr so when I I visit very buyer request page not get any""""" brief"""" notification. I working on wordpress category so please please please suggest me e how can I get more brief in my account
  6. I didn't able to find any opportunity notification/message as Fiverr mentioned in their notification. Can anyone tell me where I can find the notification in account's notification bar or phone's bar!
  7. Don't show my buyer request what a problem? any body help me?
  8. Finally, Fiverr removed the Buyer request option from the desktop version 🙃
  9. Hi! Heard about buyer requests being replaced by briefs, but in all this time I haven't received a single offer (both on mobile and pc). Maybe something needs to be done in the settings or is this the case with everyone?
  10. Today I received first brief and it is relevant to my GIG, which means system is learning and it is sending brief to new sellers as well.
  11. Just a funny yet useful tip for those of you buyers that still occasionally use Buyer's Request. I don't use Buyer's Request that often, but occasionally, I'll post something to see if I can find a newbie diamond to put in my back pocket. I listed exactly what I needed and at the end of my request, I wrote, "Ask me a question." No matter how thorough I am, there is always something that needs to be answered. I figured people would ask me something about the gig. Well, for those that actually took the time to read my request, did ask. Most of them asked me a question about the job, few asked me a generic question like, "How's your day?" (🙂 technically, they did ask a question. Then there were a few that were cute facts, hysterical in nature or just silly. It showed me they read my requirement, some sellers have excellent sense of humor and they will be fun to work with. My advice for using BR, just tell bidder to ask a question!!! 🙂🙂🙂😄😄😄😁😆😁😆
  12. The buyer does not come because the gig is active...............why?😭
  13. Is buyer request unavailable now? If answer is no how can I get buyer request. N.B. I am a new seller since 01 September 2022.
  14. I thought Fiverr had given up on Buyer requests and moved to Buyer Matching feature but what I am seeing are more than 100 buyer requests and strangely some of them are from different categories and niches. I personally favor the Buyer request feature as it helped me in securing a wonderful client who is really happy with my work whereas I detest buyer matching features as they are spams, most of the time.
  15. After Fiverr has closed the buyer request. New rules are introduced where it is noted that only if the published services match the buyer's requirement, will that requirement match the requirement outside as a gig. In this case, is there a need for gig optimization for those who have previously published gigs? If so, I would like to know the details about the rules that will maintain compatibility with the buyer request match if the gig is published.
  16. Hi Everyoe, Since the buyer request is not showing on phones, i am not getting auto invitation from buyer something like its a match. My gigs are upto dated with all necessary information. What should i do or what could be the issue?
  17. hi, buyer request not showing in my account ? how to get more buyer requests?
  18. Hi, I have a problem ... when I create this account then I get some buyer requests. and I already send 30 buyer requests... but this week I can't find/see any buyer request ...is it my problem or all seller problem ??? is it my problem? then how can I solve it ???
  19. Recently We Have Got A New Update On Fiverr Mobile App.After The Update Now We Are Unable To Send Buyer Request Via Buyer Request Option. Is There Any New Way To Send Buyer Request Via Fiverr Mobile App?
  20. My all gigs don't show when i want to send buyer request .can't scroll dawn on my all gig.
  21. My fiverr dashboard has no opportunity option? What can I do now?
  22. After the recent update of Job Matching, I haven't get a single job match notification, Even my friends who are working on same category (video & Animation) as mine and they are getting regular job match notification., Any one got solution ?
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