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  1. Ok my hands are sweaty, wish me luck.. here it goes again.. 24/7..
  2. Okay I admit, curiosity has gotten the best of me.. so here it goes.. 24-7..
  3. Indeed, there was a time when buyers didn't have to pay any fees Appreciate the post, nothing but golden nuggets in there.. 🙂
  4. Dang.. that's feedback, and I don't remember you ever going ballistics on anyone Zeus-san.. dang.. don't know what to say... but now I understand what you meant by: Hope the issues raised are addressed.. Fingers crossed.. 🤞
  5. Aah looks like my joke fell flat.. Maita too reacted with a sad emoji.. So I am compelled to show the real invisibility trick.. Here it goes.. Select the portion above to reveal the hidden text ladies and gentlemen..
  6. Sweet.. it's easy really.. an invisibility trick where you have to type in 3 letters without any spaces in between them before hitting that "Submit Reply" button.. the magic letters are "m" followed by "o" and ends with "d".. and trust me, the post would be visible to no one but you.. it even turns brownish red in color..
  7. Sweet... I do 90% of the copywriting myself.. and I combine 3 things.. structure (perfect mix of visual + text content for both righties and lefties) + AIDA (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action) + KISS (keep it simple, stupid).. these have worked well for me (and I am talking 100%-upwards of 1000% ROI on some of these pitches).. so would be great if you would consider adding these.. and if you can, maybe even share link when it's out irrespective of whether you choose to add these topics or not.. 😉 (P.S: oh btw I didn't mention the compliance stuff.. like commercial usage rights to images, plagiarism checking, attribution where required, disclaimers like FTC, GDPR etc. not sure if it's within the scope of what you want to do)
  8. Anyone? 😑 Even Capybara isn't happy at the level of participation off late.. in Capybara's own words: capybara_not_happy.mp4
  9. But communication seems to be the bigger issue here, all that you've pointed out has been repeated God knows how many times by how many people... the only solution might be for the platform to support multiple languages or anything that helps get the message across.. till then....
  10. Or.. maybe they didn't check your demo gallery? either ways, you can just forward them whatever you have in your demo gallery and see if they are still requesting for more.. in which case you might want to create an additional gig for those who want samples of what you do..
  11. Fiverr might actually like this idea since they want to make money wherever possible.. so instead of a 100% cancellation, they might actually like the idea of say a 50% cancellation.. but ya... like @theratypist mentioned, the exact portion that has to be refunded would be difficult to sort out.. it'd depend on mutual understanding of both the buyer and the seller.. nonetheless, sounds good to me... I mean if I am a buyer who doesn't have ill will, I might actually want a seller to keep a portion of the gig amount for the time and efforts they put in... so ya.. thumbs up from me..
  12. None of those sadly 😞 Hint 2: Train is not exactly train.. while the preceding 2 emojis sound close to what the answer is when spoken out aloud..
  13. From Fiverr's point of view, the current tip system is profitable (for both Fiverr and the sellers as it enhances earning opportunities for both the aforementioned parties), hence I doubt if it'd go away any time soon.. but I hear you..
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