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Found 20 results

  1. I am a seller on Fiverr of accent modification lessons. Over the last 2 months I've received messages (daily and more than one per day) from buyers that are new to Fiverr that month and from Nigeria. Their initial message is often something like HI or sometimes a not appropriate greeting. None of them are looking for what I offer. They seem to want to chat or ask for money or a job. I report and block but because of the services I offer I do engage intially in case they legitimately want services. But it is getting very frustrating. This morning alone I've had 5 such people. When I tried to get an answer from support they weren't helpful. Wonder if others have had a similar experience. Thanks! Holly
  2. Hello Experts I got more than 20 spam Massage per day but why didn't contact me a buyer yet?
  3. The only reason for doing this is that I have a client on fiver that I have been working with for over 2 months, and it took more than a day for my first reply to him. After 60 days of this incident, my inbox response rate dropped to 0%. I got a reply from talking to Fiverr support, my inbox response rate has dropped because of my previous clients who last replied to me, but I have yet to reply. Did I understand correctly? And if this is the case and I spam all these clients, will there be any problem?
  4. Hi Everyone, After long time, hope you all doing well.😃 I would like to talk about buyer requests, I thinks its important to talk. I have notice, these days many peoples use this feature to get social media (YouTube, tiktok etc) views. 😑 for an example, What do you think about these kind of offers, are they real? aren't you feel like spam requests? as per my understanding experience sellers never send buyer requests, but new sellers definitely send. but these are not real request, I think Fiverr team needs to check on this, they can talk to buyers and find a options to avoid spam offers. maybe they want these spam offers to be in there. So I just want to know your thoughts on this, any suggestions that will help.😇 Thank you,
  5. Frequently I am getting some spam message from spammer. how to identify that sometime it is so confusing to identify.. any one can please help me?
  6. there are many spam buyers contact me currently. so boring.
  7. Hi everyone : in this week . I got 4 same types of order . Base package + bunch of extra service + express delivering . $ amount is quite huge And they cancel it immediately . I usually don't care that much since this won't effect my rating by any chance . But it's quite disturbing I can't lie . Have any of you got orders like these recently . I attached 2 of them below . Best Regards Kay
  8. Hi everyone! I’m getting a lot of spam messages on Fiverr. 😭They are super annoying. They keep sending me meaningless messages (as you can in picture below) I check their profile and they are from Bangladesh, Iraq, Bengal.... i've reported them as spam but 2 or 3 spam messages continued to come in every day Has anyone met the same problem and how to solve it? Thank you so much
  9. Hi! Dear sellers and buyers! I don't know this is right or wrong. But I have to ask and hope some discuss about this topic, That I'm going to ask you. I think you already noticed some buyer requests like, " Hi! I need a data entry operator...( bla bla bla...) our company has lot of data entry projects to do. If you like message our... (marketing manager or someone) with this link... ( a telegram chat link). " and most of them show the budget as like as $3600. I need to know is this scam or not. If anyone has some experience or a knowledge about this kind of buyer requests please share those experience with us. I think it will help lot of peoples. Thanks in advance!
  10. I came across a spammer, I blocked him, but he created a new account and started again. (and again and again...) Basically he wrote silly things ... He even demanded money, He wrote that I would be blocked (He had never ordered anything before, lol.) What can I do with this spammer? How can I deprive him of the right to write to me at all? Thanks.
  11. I am a New Seller. I accidentally fell victim to spammers and canceled my 1st order with Fiber Support. Will there be any problem in my profile now?
  12. As the title suggests, I personally find these notifications unhelpful. They are spam / noise to me. What do you think?
  13. I have got total 23 knocks from the buyers till now since creating my Fiverr account. But among them 20 were spam by Fiverr, only 3 were real buyers. Among the three buyers, only 1 buyer ordered me. Here the matter of worry to me is that my conversion rate is 00.03%. And it is getting lower day by day. Each spam message that I found contained someone's contact number of either What's Up or Telegram. Please inform me about the matters mentioned below. 1) Is there anything to do for me? 2) Are you facing this too? 3) Do only the new sellers face this? Advance thanks to all suggestion giver!!!
  14. Hello, I recently decided to start up gigs on my profile (I kind of forgot about this place!). I put them on over the last couple of days and I've received two similar messages today. One of them I couldn't respond to the instant I went to look at it, and it got deleted by Fiverr I assume, but they were saying how they were employing writers etc. I just received another one saying the same thing and it appears to be an empty/new account. Is it safe to say these are spam messages and to report them as spam? Are there messages that should be taken seriously (I know some people on Fiverr employ people to do gigs for them)? Apologies for the dumb question. 😅 I'm just wondering if this is a well known issue or if it's against their rules. Thanks!
  15. Hi Everyone. I’ve heard your feedback. We are in a constant state of what the purpose of the forum is. Recently, there has been an influx of comments and posts that make it very difficult to have meaningful conversations. This is partially due to the migration to the new platform. The survey everyone took a few months ago showed me some great feedback about what you’d like to use this platform for. Let's get back to that. In the previous forum, we had a system that I’ll call “trust levels”. These allowed users who had hit certain and specific milestones to unlock new features and posting limits. The more quality posts and interactions, the more trust you gained. Over the next day, I will be adding in these systems again. As such, a lot of you will see significant reductions in the amount of comments you can post in a given time frame. These levels will NOT affect your ability to leave reactions or read conversations. So please, think before you comment and make sure that you're adding value to the conversation. Level actions to move up and down include but are not limited to: Reputation level, activity, quality of posts, age of account, flags. Some features that can be unlocked when jumping to a new level: Post amount per day, new areas to have conversations, creation of polls, profile editing I am not going to publish the specifics about the triggers or levels, since there are some actors out there who want to “game” the system. That’s not the point of this forum or system. If you’re an active, productive, helpful member of this community, you will find no issues or changes to your daily interactions here. In addition to these user level changes, you will see some significant changes to the topic and conversation forums. These changes will likely be implemented early next week. As I’ve said in the past, and I will continue to say: Your participation here in the forum DOES NOT affect your Fiverr seller Gigs, sales, or rankings in anyway. I'm going to leave the comments open below, feel free to leave questions or comments here. I’m also available via PM. 
Thank you for reading! -MJ
  16. Recently, I have got a message from a interested buyers. But that message came as spam . Now what should I do ? should I unmark that message from spam or should I just ignore that message?
  17. I have a few questions. He sent a message via email that he said he wanted a custom order request, and I had to email him for more details. And this is the content of the email I got from him. Do you think this is real or a spam hoax? Help me, I'm a newbie here
  18. Hi dear friends. Am a new seller OK fiverr. Today I recieved a message from someone telling am hired for her project and left a WhatsApp contact. And told me to chat with her colleag over the project. But, it's written that "xxx can no longer be reached" it's by fiverr. And the message automatically was moved to SPAM FOLDER. Can someone tells me why, please?
  19. Some buyers are trying to work without order. When i tell them to order first they threat me to report my account. What should i do now?
  20. Hello everyone, I am a new seller here, been browsing buyer request for couple of months now, and I am wondering if there is any way to report sellers who are posting Buyer request to promote their gigs? Its just so annoying to read through his request then gets excited to do the job then open the link attached and SURPRISE, a seller who is desperately trying to get the most useless click from other seller! How can we report such issues ? or is there a way to suggest adding this feature ? Stay safe, Mohamed
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