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Found 8 results

  1. As the title suggests, I personally find these notifications unhelpful. They are spam / noise to me. What do you think?
  2. When i click on notification push test then he said check your network connection by the way my Internet connection all set . I using my internet for all things but notification push test failed says network connection
  3. Dear. I recently received a notification in my Fiverr inbox. But I do not understand it clearly. Can anyone give the right idea about this? ( Below is a skin short ) Thanks & Regards AB Graphic
  4. Hi, everyone. Someone should help me out I have been getting messages notifications on my phone for the past three day and when ever i check my message inbox on fiverr, I won’t see any message but if I check my message inbox on laptop it will show. What can I do, please help me out
  5. Are fiverr notifications not working? I have not received any notifications about receiving orders, orders being marked as completed, receiving reviews or tips for the last 3 days. Same goes for my messages. I can see new messages on my dashboard, but not when I click on "messages" in the toolbar at the top of fiverr's page. Is anyone else experiencing this bug?
  6. There are some things that bug me about the platform functionality. "Buyer has been waiting for an update for one hour!" My buyer waited 10 minutes for me to respond to their revision request yet I still had this notification in bold waiting for me. Even if they'd waited an hour, they'll live. Could this notification be a little less trigger happy? Appearing after 2-3 hours perhaps, or not at all? Has the bug that marks order deliveries as late if we need to add extras after the original delivery time has elapsed been fixed? If not, it REALLY should be. And if it can't be fixed then CS at least have to set back a sellers stats instead of telling them there's nothing they can do about it. Making seller stats suffer because of platform bugs is unfair and unprofessional. The app and the desktop site don't always communicate. If I check an order and order requirements in my app and later go on to the desktop, I have a notification telling me I have to check order requirements NOW. This really is just a minor thing, but add it to all the other minor things and it becomes irritating.
  7. Hello experienced Suddenly I saw a notifcation on my fiverr app. But i kept it for read later as I was busy. But now It's disappeard. Do you have any idea on this? It was something realted to coupon code for potential something? I can't remember for good. Thanks
  8. Hi. I don't quite get the logic behind the Status Update notifications. What I'd expect, when clicking on a Status Update notification regarding person A, a person I follow: to arrive on their status page, or profile, or whatever it's called. Which happens, but what also happens: I click on a Status Update regarding person A, but arrive on the status page of person B, another person I follow, or even on the page of person C, a person I do not follow, apparently because person A posted something on B's or C's status page. Is there a way to get Status Update notifications only when person A posts something on their own (A's) page, or is the above the expected and wanted result?
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