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  1. Maybe this is the one you are looking for? https://www.fiverr.com/nyretouch/do-photo-editing-add-and-remove-object-from-photo Non-affiliate link 😄
  2. If Neuralink becomes a reality and part of our daily life, forum members getting banned be like "why was I banned?".. "because you thought about posting hate speech" .. 😄 All that while the thread would be showered with congrats and thanks 😄
  3. Blame it on math 😞 half the stuff there is based on assumptions.. assuming x is y, y is z.. dang.. and if that were not enough, adding stuff to both sides apparently to balance the equation it seems 🤦‍♂️
  4. The forum can use some dopamine shots don't you think? 😄

    1. ahmwritingco


      For sure! I just need to call the AOL helpline first. Does anybody know the number? 😁

  5. It's a new feature where the buyers have to just "think" about placing an order and Fiverr automatically does that for you..
  6. Oh well 😅 Here's the new puzzle: 🖋️⬇🅿️🚢
  7. Na truth is I messed up 😄 I didn't realize that the "trigger word" would pass the filters, so wasn't even expecting to see my answer show up 😄 but well I am Suraj 24/7 🤘so who knew 😄 .. And then forgetting the fact that @alphagev had it like 99% right, I was drafting the puzzle, but before I could correct it and pass the torch to @alphagev my phone did me good and I ended up posting the puzzle anyway 😅 from then on it was a battle of post editing 😅
  8. It'd be an understatement to say that @alphagev was close so let me pass 😅
  9. Yes 🙂 I hear you 😞 that's why I guess I will stick to Emoji thread till coast is clear haha
  10. The state of this thread off late.. explained in short few seconds by Chief Capybara: capybara_took_a_nose_dive.mp4
  11. Okay 😄 I find motivation in knowing that my near and dear ones are okay.. and in general if things are going okay that's motivating enough for me... 😄
  12. If I understand you right, you are essentially referring to an article rewriting service. So long till you are good at it and aren't violating any terms or laws, it should be fine.. And I believe there are a lot of sellers offering this service already: https://www.fiverr.com/hire/article-rewriting
  13. Thanks Vickie, much appreciated 🙂 So without further ado: 🚶2️⃣🎗️
  14. Can we hire someone from Fiverr marketplace to enter this contest?
  15. Definitely a keyboard issue 😄 I tried typing it by heart and failed miserably. 🙈😂 But its worth adding it to the list. You know, there're those very special occasions where big, grandiose words are needed. 😅 You're right, we should also get that post printed out, laminated and hang it on the wall somewhere.. 😄
  16. Visualstudios owns several copyrights at this point.. my favorite one though is "CAN GROSS ERECTIONS" 😄
  17. Can we fit in "radio" somewhere in there though? 😄
  18. Congratulations man 🙂 happy for you 😊 all the best for your future endeavors, may success be your constant companion 🙂.. And keep up the good work 🙂
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