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  1. "To control spam, new members are restricted to 5 posts per day"... Meanwhile spammers... "after making 5 posts, let's make new accounts and keep posting" 😄
  2. Someone please troll them already 🤣 all this HYPE for NOTHING 🤣
  4. Watch out.. as @vovkaslovesnyy pointed out.. "Nothing is coming" 😄 But pssst.. "Nothing is not nothing"... 😄
  5. 😑 I am yet to see a support # for Fiverr account 😅
  6. Maybe forgot to state "You took the words right out of my mouth" 😄
  7. We are all buyer plus by default though because of the service fee 😄
  8. Wow beautiful, thanks for sharing the video, enjoyed it 😊 welcome to the forum and all the best 😊 looking forward to more from you 😊
  9. That'd be added to gig extra don't worry.. platinum package 😄
  10. For only $5 I will reveal to you what I do on Halloween.. planning to launch this new gig on Halloween..
  11. Na, can't agree with all of them but still... something is better than nothing..
  12. Maybe this is the one you are looking for? https://www.fiverr.com/nyretouch/do-photo-editing-add-and-remove-object-from-photo Non-affiliate link 😄
  13. If Neuralink becomes a reality and part of our daily life, forum members getting banned be like "why was I banned?".. "because you thought about posting hate speech" .. 😄 All that while the thread would be showered with congrats and thanks 😄
  14. Blame it on math 😞 half the stuff there is based on assumptions.. assuming x is y, y is z.. dang.. and if that were not enough, adding stuff to both sides apparently to balance the equation it seems 🤦‍♂️
  15. The forum can use some dopamine shots don't you think? 😄

    1. ahmwritingco


      For sure! I just need to call the AOL helpline first. Does anybody know the number? 😁

  16. It's a new feature where the buyers have to just "think" about placing an order and Fiverr automatically does that for you..
  17. Oh well 😅 Here's the new puzzle: 🖋️⬇🅿️🚢
  18. Na truth is I messed up 😄 I didn't realize that the "trigger word" would pass the filters, so wasn't even expecting to see my answer show up 😄 but well I am Suraj 24/7 🤘so who knew 😄 .. And then forgetting the fact that @alphagev had it like 99% right, I was drafting the puzzle, but before I could correct it and pass the torch to @alphagev my phone did me good and I ended up posting the puzzle anyway 😅 from then on it was a battle of post editing 😅
  19. It'd be an understatement to say that @alphagev was close so let me pass 😅
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