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  1. X = 1. 😇😊 Or at least that's what I understood. 🥺
  2. Although just one 5-star order will be enough to take your rating back to 5*, it's too close to the 4.95 limit. So, to be safe, try to have a couple of 5-star rated orders.
  3. Since no one has posted it yet, I'll post the cactus fruit. 😊 I don't know how you call it in English. We call it "tuna". The colour of its meat varies from almost white to purple (without skipping green, yellow and orange), but they're all super sweet and juicy. 😋
  4. I don't eat fruit that has no seeds. 😐
  5. I suggest you use a dictionary and look up what the words "racist" and 'racism" mean, before using them so blithely. 🙄
  6. He knows he can get a warning, but he clearly just decided to turn a deaf ear to what @mariashtelle1 and I already told him. 🙄
  7. You will need to check how many messages you haven't replied to during these past 60 days and do your math. 😐
  8. Your response rate has been already affected, so you lose nothing by replying to all the spam messages and reporting/blocking them back again.
  9. You need to reply to spam/scam before you report and block the user(s), even if Fiverr tells you there's no need to do it. A simple "no" will be enough and it will only take you a second.
  10. Read 👇 And please don't address people by bro, sister or the likes.
  11. Yes, you're wrong. Being active on the forum doesn't affect your Fiverr account whatsoever! Did you do as @shadiya646 suggested and read @mariashtelle1's post?
  12. Maita when having to finish an order, but is in no mood to work. 😬
  13. Now I'm having a hard time. I can't use two emojis at the same time: one to like your post and one to laugh. 🙈😂
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