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  1. This is the greatest nonsense I've read. And, no. In any of the 4 number systems (decimal, binary, octal, and hexadecimal) you'll get that pi equals 2 or that 2 equals 1. NEVER! You can only get there by mathematical errors, or creating your own mathematics—I would love to see how far you get with the latter. 🤦‍♀️ Yes, it's an approximation used depending on the accuracy of the result you want to achieve. So what? It has nothing to do with saying pi equals 2 and expecting that result to be correct. @uk1000, for God's sake, please stop justifying the AI nonsense.
  2. This is what perplexity.ai says about the other cases: The youtube vid referenced by the perplexity.ai link: Yeah... And I can demonstrate that pi (π) equals 2, or that 8 equals 4, which in turn makes 4 equal 0 and 2 equal 1. 🙄🤦‍♀️ Does that make the value correct? 🤨
  3. Arrrrggggg, those are the same users, if not the same posts, I reported last night (my time). Spam everywhere: inbox, forum. One day we'll wake up to having spam in our coffee...
  4. Translation services on Fiverr are rife with cheaters and scammers—at all levels, whether new sellers or TRS, and in all language pairs! You really need to invest time in vetting who to hire.
  5. Don't forget cheaters and scammers. And those are rife on Fiverr...
  6. The problem is not after 3 days because the order will be already closed. The issue is before the 3-day period expires, especially when requesting this kind of 'revision' at the last minute, making the order to be marked as late by the system. Fiverr is saying revisions now count against us, so it's not fun to have this type of requests just before the order completes and then see our very smart AI deciding our buyers aren't satisfied enough...
  7. To be honest, there should be some kind of block on the revision button. Too many buyers press that button just to ask questions instead of using the order chat, and to make things even worse, they wait until the last minute before the 3-day completion period expires...
  8. I suppose this explains why cheaters and scammers with hundreds and thousands of reviews keep showing as level 2 sellers and popping up in search results.
  9. This is what they're using 👇 You're either perfect or else...
  10. As a 0-level seller, you can only have 4 gigs. Once you get to level 1, you'll be able to create up to 10 gigs.
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