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  1. @all who have participated in this game.. been over 24 hours since the last puzzle was posted.. so... Pale Blue Cute Dog's Birthday Party Invitation.mp4
  2. So polite.. even called you "dear", and you reported them 😑
  3. Snowskating? Dang...will someone put this puzzle out of its misery already? 😑 I think I have embarrassed myself enough for one day.. 😑
  4. Privileged to have such a famous personality amongst us.. such an honor.. 🙇‍♂️
  5. Oh no, I haven't said so many goodbyes and farewells in a single day ever 😅
  6. Guys where is this discussion heading really? I mean it's one thing to say "what's your opinion" and another to say "why do you have that opinion?".. it's one thing to say "this is how things are right now" and another to say "this is how things ought to be"... besides leaving a few souls frustrated, I don't really see this discussion achieving a closure .. and there's no point really since I am sure none of us here are lawmakers or scientists (directly connected to the COVID research)..
  7. None.. neutral since we are dealing with an invisible enemy here, one that we know little to nothing about (at least non-scientists).. so can't decide what is right or wrong anymore.. Not sure.. maybe, maybe not.. Not sure again Ya just did.. appreciate the opportunity..
  8. Fiverr? never heard of it.. but Fiber? yes.. Fiber gave me Fiber friends.. 😊
  9. At first glance I did think that the answer for the puzzle is maitasun because of the Sun emoji 😅
  10. Oh, boy. What a talented translator. Could be a good source for a sci-fi novel Tooth problems? Forget dentist! Call DSO... Dentist Security Officer.. DSO DSO does whatever a dentist can, fixes teeth anytime.. watch out here comes DSO...
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