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  1. Dang, sorry to hear about your experience though.. hope it's resolved in your favor..
  2. What are the chances that the monitoring bots mistook those abbreviations for recreational "stuff"? 😅
  3. But is Uros still working with Fiverr after sending that email? That's the more pertinent question right now.. For all we know, it was probably Uros's last day so they decided to have some fun..
  4. Oh... no technically I didn't solve it 😅 it's the same puzzle from page 13.. so guess I will have to pass this back to you Maria.. 😅 please do the honors... 🙏
  5. Oh.. it's not burning the midnight oil then? hmmm 3 words, wondering what might the answer be then 🤔
  6. No. I assure you it's better that way 😂
  7. I confess I didn't read the whole thing Rachel, but whatever you've said so far has been sensible so I am hitting that like button..
  8. Though not professionally, I love to sing.. so I am sure these tips will come in handy.. thank you @smashradio 🙂
  9. You saying "Please" though 😂
  10. Meeee.. On the website, did you notice how the teaser slightly or wholly changes even when you select the same pill for the second time? And the timestamp mentioned in the teaser too is as per the time on your machine.. Totally dope..
  11. Nothing comes up except swooshing sounds really... 😑 I pass 🤚
  12. 💥 - Collision/Boom 👻 - Ghost 💤 - Sleeping 🇫🇷 - France Bogs Footwear? 😅
  13. You might want to contact customer support by sending an email to support@fiverr.com
  14. After a careful analysis of the puzzle... 🤔 nothing sensible came up.. 😞 so I searched for books that have the word "sleep" in their titles.. 🤓 But... Then I realised that it would take forever... 😞 So I did the next easiest thing to do: 🦾 Muscle 🅰️ A 💤 Sleeping 🔛 Sign Eureka 😂
  15. 😁 😄 😃 😑 But on a serious note, I am happy for you 😄
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