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I want Fiverr to allow a "Block" feature


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I´d like a block feature too, but maybe better post it to the ‘Suggestions’ part of the forum? I think it works again, without that attachment bug too 😉
Who knows, if everyone who´d like one would comment there, it might be considered, though, well, probably not.
I had interestingly kind of the opposite problem twice already now, two people with perfectly fine inquiries for a custom offer, and fiverr telling me I had blocked them or something, which I surely hadn´t, just had seen their messages in my mail, and logged in to reply, and I had to unblock/unspam/whatever to be able to reply to them.

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Maybe even a multiple-block-button, with the reason, for statistics.

Block this buyer because they asked for feet-pics.
Block this buyer for general creepiness.
Block this buyer because they never reply to important questions.
Block this buyer because they generally are a pain to work with.
Block this buyer because they scammed me/someone I know.
Block this buyer because I read bad things about them on the forum.

I think if fiverr wants to know from buyers to what industry their order belongs to, they could demonstrate some curiosity about reasons one wants to block a buyer for too 😉

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There’s currently a bug where, once you report a message/user, the reported message will revert to default after few minutes.

So you will have to report it again.

Just keep an eye on the message the first time you report it and don’t delete, until about an hour, when you are confirmed that the message/user is still marked as “reported”.

This is one of the reason your response rate drops and its because of this bug.

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