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  1. I feel the same way. Maybe I should respond back 4 hrs later so my avg gets higher. Its a pretty dumb reason to penalize a designer who maintains a 5 star rating
  2. i simply ignore those Buyers who want a professional job and have a $5 budget
  3. Nothing happens when I click on my image. Im on my own page…corvega…not searching on Fiverrs home page
  4. I noticed that after Fiverr revamped their site Sellers no longer have the ability to view their own profile. The link is gone which sucks.
  5. Cust svc rarely supports the Seller…had a similar exp
  6. Correct, I usually stay away from those gigs cause they can be time consuming and produce little pay
  7. If its an easy gig then you are competing with a LOT of sellers…supply and demand = wont make much
  8. A little off topic but how do I add the ‘source file’ chg after an order is appvd.
  9. No one is going to do the wrk like you. Im in the same boat with a FT job. I only go after specific jobs that arent long term. Its better to give up on some wrk than either rush to finish, or get an outsider and risk providing poor results.
  10. Funny how the only ones nitpicking are women. You guys are always good at that. Whose moaning? Just making my point whether you agree or not.
  11. Your comment is unrelated to my post. Please re-read and understand what Im saying. Im not talking about permissions of using a photo. The post s about taking someone else’s photo…not doing a DAMN thing with it and placing into your portfolio and making it seem its your work. COMPRENDE?
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