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On Fiverr Since 2011 700+ Positive Reviews 100% Rating Still Waiting 4 TRS Badge


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What does it take to make TRS? I have been a seller since 2011. Fiverr has changed my life, but I have seen so many people who have just started out get TRS while I am still waiting for that honor. I have a perfect rating, I work hard, I deliver on time and always over deliver.

I feel like I have earned the badge with my blood sweat and tears. I don’t understand the process of picking TRS.

I started out in October 2011 giving parenting advice since I was a parent and a preschool teacher. This was just to supplement my lowly teacher’s pay and help feed my family. I then progressed to voice overs which are still my top rated gigs. I now do graphic design, book covers, and I copy edit. I have opened my own company with the confidence I have obtained here, and I am thriving. I have learned so many skills by teaching them to myself, so I could offer more and more services here on Fiverr.

I became disabled in October of 2014 and Fiverr has been a blessing as I wait the long grueling process of getting approved for Social Security Disability. It’s been 3 years now, and I’m still probably going to be waiting another year here in my state for a hearing. In that essence, it really has been a life saver. It has fed my children and put clothes on our backs.

If that’s not a Fiverr success story, I don’t know what is.

I am here Fiverr. I am a loyal member. Please see me. The increased sales boost of a TRS badge would save my family.

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There is really no one answer to this. The forum really won’t do a lot for you in this regard except that you’ll see some TRS here talking about their own paths. Staff chooses TRS specifically and they don’t typically read the forum.

One thing you can find on the forum that you might get some ideas from is an excellent podcast on this topic - you can find the cast and the transcript for How to Become a Top Rated Seller here:


All else I can think of about things I’ve seen posted on the forum are:

Being unique is often a major part, so some of the early TRS were the first to offer a service in the way they did it. They became TRS when lots of buyers liked that service and bought it because that seller was the only one offering it, or offering it in a certain way.

Being a person who Fiverr wants to showcase as a representative of Fiverr may sometimes be helpful criteria. That can mean things you mentioned and others like being on time, being helpful and nice to buyers, to staff, and to other users, following the Terms of Service to the letter, finding a new niche, etc. Sometimes being a TRS is not the best thing to be. Unlike level 1 and 2, you can lose a TRS badge if you no longer fit the ideal. Being late, breaking rules, having buyers get angry and complain about you, being uncooperative with CS, staff or moderators, cancelling gigs or getting a few poor reviews can mean you lose the badge. Some level 2 sellers make more money that some TRS, but with less pressure!

Right now there are TRS ranging from 6 months on Fiverr to years on Fiverr, from a couple of hundred reviews to over five thousand, and with positive ratings ranging between 97% and 100%. Based on that, you have to assume that only staff knows why they decide to do the things they do. I’m sure you’ve read the Levels page with the information there about TRS.

I’ve heard that on occasion it can help to write to Customer Support and ask them if the editors can review your gigs and account to see if you might be a good candidate for TRS. I have seen others say that CS no longer does that. I don’t know which is true, but I doubt it would hurt anything if you are nice to them.

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It took me over two years and I had 100% positive feedback the entire time doing over 200 orders a month. In almost four years I’ve only had a couple of late deliveries. I’ve only had one buyer cancel an order with customer support, and that was done about 2 minutes after they placed the order.

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The thing about this is that the TRS is really just a badge of approval. Once/if you get that, where next? SUPER SELLER!

This is an even more mysterious and “unobtainable” goal than TRS. I’ve got my eyes tracked on it. Don’t go bothering Customer Support with requests to be a TRS. Show them that you’re worthy of it.

Even if it is nebulous. The thing about Super Seller is that you only get a lousy blog post to celebrate it and a bunch of jealous sycophants posting in admiration of your minor achievement. Remember–it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

And don’t use your disability as leverage. That’s…a huge nope in my book. Do that after the fact. It’s smarter. Wishing you luck on your journey, but the most helpful response here is @fonthaunt’s–not “write to CS” guys.

To conclude, don’t sit around–plot your way to your goals.

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So a multi-million dollar company is being ignorant of its assets?

I find this opinion somewhat doubtful, especially are you are not privy to its confidential business plan and other assorted documents for moving forward.

Ignorance, or the state of believing stuff without full information about whatever the stuff is, is a great word that doesn’t always mean “stupid” like the language usage has made it. It certainly fits in this case, but not in the way you intended.

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My name is Bilal.

I am offering branding services and its been a year on fiverr, have completed around 1000 orders and reaching 500 reviews.

I know a TRS in my niche with just 400 reviews, may be because he joined fiverr lot earlier then me, and also because brand suggestions is one of the toughest niche to work on.

But having said that, I am happy with my achievements because I know I am getting more orders then that TRS, I am earning more then him and most important part is, my clients are satisfied with my work.

So same goes with you, stop dreaming about TRS badge. Be thankful to what you’ve achieved so far, remain focused on your work and keep delivering quality services.

TRS badge is not the destination, its just an achievement in the journey.

I will not advise you to contact CS in this regard. It will be like begging judges to give the prize.

Just keep delivering good results and judges will be impressed by their own.

I am happy that fiverr earning is helping you and I wish you and your family with lots of happiness and ease in your life ahead.

Kind regards,

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