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  1. I considered as a very long-time seller on the platform. Fiverr now more focus of their fee than everything else, if you have talent, you wouldn't want to sell on this platform. Now they are tons of way to promote your talent like TikTok, IG, YouTube, etc. You can see that they are trying to change into more Professional freelancing image, but I don't think it's working right. I'm a TRS and Pro seller, starting last year, you hard to get more than 5 orders a month. Seller Plus is a useless piece of crap, same to Promoted gig, just wasting money. Don't you guys notice all those big sellers on the platform seem keep quiet or leaving the platform these recent 2- 3 years? Freelancing is not good due to the raise of A.I. , so fiverr is struggling as well.
  2. I think its worlds economy & the raise of AI. This is out of our control and frankly I start shifting to other industry because AI is killing freelancing in a high pace speed. I also see fiverr start losing it purpose, 3 years later 90% of fiverr gig can created by AI.
  3. AI-Generated Art Won a Prize. Artists Aren’t Happy. - The New York Times (nytimes.com)
  4. As a Pro seller artist on fiverr, I'm sad to see fiverr introduce AI category. Probably within few years of time, most services on the site can replaced by AI. Recently I just have a buyer asking: "Can you tweak this art a little bit which I use AI to generate?" Now we are competing with Technology and AI, instead of human.
  5. Who suggest $250 monthly fee is just unrealistic. Beginning this year due to the marketplace is saturated and pandemic, and the new algorithm, I feel low motivation to work on this platform, like we begging for orders. 2021 just sucks.
  6. Oh, I actually quit Seller Plus a month ago after meeting with my SM, now the Advanced Analytic got me interested and I joined back. This to me seem any serious Fiverr seller should join Seller Plus to get better sales and analytics. Fiverr earning more from Seller, hope Seller can earn more from Buyer too with the program.
  7. ya, it’s removed without noticing us, not a good idea fiverr. You did any changes to the system should first notify your seller. That’s call Professional.
  8. This feature make me feel uncomfortable.
  9. This is my dream come true! At least it is an option now if I need my funds urgently! Thanks fiverr listen to us. So I assume fiverr charge 3% of total of an order, let’s said $10 I get $7 but I will get the fund after the order completed. This is BIG game changer to those who work fiverr full-time. Someone said fiverr never listen, now this might not true, they did listen to a lot of my suggestion all these years though. Now I hope TRS will lower or waived the 1% fee for Fast Payout option in the future would be great and get motivated!
  10. Dec 2019 update: Now all social media platform and major OSes have dark mode. fiverr it’s about time for the website especially your ‘buggy’ mobile app, please. Too bright for my eyes at night.
  11. Google Chrome 73 now has dark mode, fiverr, your website is about time.
  12. Yes, totally greed so that’s why they not dare to make an announcement for that, just keep it silently. Such a cheap move IMO.
  13. I don’t see fiverr actually improving in 2018, but the opposite.
  14. 7 days clearance is still too long, why 7 days? What’s the benefit to everyone? Just make it clearance within 24hrs for everyone is logic we doing business online.
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