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  1. Who suggest $250 monthly fee is just unrealistic. Beginning this year due to the marketplace is saturated and pandemic, and the new algorithm, I feel low motivation to work on this platform, like we begging for orders. 2021 just sucks.
  2. I don’t think it’s related to your performance on the platform. It seem like you broke some rules / didn’t meet requirements with your gig in-order to get eligible to Promoted Gigs. I not sure other seller but Promoted Gigs not working for me, not sure how much I should put in the budget daily, like $50 only works? I tried $10 and it’s not working, I rather turned it off now. I don’t know should I allow to discuss this because Israel is at war now, the headquarters of fiverr. Since the war starting and I see massive drop in sales and lack of new enquiries. So I assume fiverr stop some advertising things on their end during these period of war time, so it didn’t attract new buyers to the platform. Now maybe the platform is gaining more sellers than buyers, so it’s affect all of us. (If not allow to discuss war, mod please remove it.)
  3. No doubt. Hit that Report and Block button. End of story. 100% lie account asking new seller for FREE work.
  4. Oh, I actually quit Seller Plus a month ago after meeting with my SM, now the Advanced Analytic got me interested and I joined back. This to me seem any serious Fiverr seller should join Seller Plus to get better sales and analytics. Fiverr earning more from Seller, hope Seller can earn more from Buyer too with the program.
  5. Yes, most of us facing the same problem. Since starting this year my sales going down. Very few new buyer and enquiries though. Fiverr rarely cares for their seller if they are doing good, like all stats 100% and 5 stars reviews, but if you have a single minor mistake like 1 order cancellation or missed 1 or 2 replies within 24hrs, then you better prepare for dry sales. By then you need to wait 60 days to pick it up. This platform seems you can’t make any mistake, more than 2 times of the same mistake, and your Fiverr career will be doomed. 🙃
  6. Hey I see you’re a Pro seller, have you contact your so called Success Manager about this case and see if he can help?
  7. Sad. If I were you who already spent so much time and effort on the order, I wouldn’t cancel it. I just told the client this is not what we agree on at the beginning of the order and either he accepts it or small amendments will be provided. I don’t think it’s a good idea to give a bonus to a new client because we do not know how good working with them, it’s risky and wasted all our effort if later found out they are evil. This not only wastes time, effort, also losing money, sometimes rather they leave a bad review. We can see Fiverr system about rating and penalty to a seller are somewhat ridiculous. After I’ve been working for this platform for over a decade, I still don’t like how they treat sellers. They should take out the ridiculous cancellation rate and implement the accept/reject order button.
  8. No, it take 3 sips can finish up a cup. Assume it’s an espresso. Best temperature to drink a tea is below 65c
  9. It’s a Chinese tea culture thing. 🙂
  10. yes, all for me. Actually, it’s not much, just a small pot of tea.
  11. 16222322016659890882614180499112736×3648 2.1 MB Chinese tea for me in the morning!
  12. yes, last year was my best year, this year the worst.
  13. To combat Loneliness, seeking for answer when facing issue on the platform. Be the first to know what’s going on fiverr website.
  14. Your client not trusting you for first sight, I’ll ignore doing business with them. Signing NDA online is useless.
  15. 1 cancelled order will bring you to a totally dry sales. I hope fiverr can change this.
  16. My longest droughts was this month. All buyer like suddenly disappeared, no new buyer, no enquiries, I almost forgot I’m selling on the platform. I think this happen to my gig due to I have 1 cancelled order in March. Yesterday I finally on-boarded become a fiverr PRO and today I finally receive a new order with the new price. Finally broke an egg this month, even I’m a TRS. Hope things will get back to normal in the coming days. I don’t see this related to fiverr 3.0 I experienced what the post suggested and still same, no improvement. Good luck to us.
  17. As we discussed on other post, I’m facing the same issue. This happens since last December, very few new enquiries and thanks god there are return buyer pay my bill. I will be promote to PRO a week later and I wanna see will it goes better (more $ buyer) or worst (too high $).
  18. I was thinking the same, maybe economy hits hard by Corono19, people now prefer cheaper services, I don’t know.
  19. I only asking long time seller. April and May seem my two worst months on the platform. How yours?
  20. Congrats @frank_d , you are right that we can’t imagine one day your kid’s admired company like Microsoft will be your client, that’s feel kinda incredible! Working on fiverr to met great client really need a little bit of luck as you said, that’s true. I’m happy for you.
  21. Never treat your boss as your life, it’s dangerous. lol
  22. ya, it’s removed without noticing us, not a good idea fiverr. You did any changes to the system should first notify your seller. That’s call Professional.
  23. Site bug, same happen on my page. Been contacted fiverr CS it’s a bug.
  24. Same thing happen to my gig since last December, been here for a decade, worst situation, perhaps it’s pandemic time, fiverr gain a lots of new seller, obviously it over crowd market place now.
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