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What if incomplete orders would cancel themselves after 24 to 48 orders with no repercussions?


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For some reason, there are many buyers who order (probably by mistake) and then never submit information. The problem is they don’t even bother to write something in there to make the order active, so that mutual cancellation to be a possibility!

This way sellers are forced to contact Customer Support to have those orders cancelled after a period of not getting any replies from the buyers.

Now I’m pretty sure Customer Support would have a lot more time to answer to more important problems if sellers wouldn’t have to ask for their help to cancel each and every of these orders.

So I suggest an automatic mechanism that will auto-cancel incomplete orders in 24 to 48 hours of buyers not responding to the seller’s requirements.

This way, the money isn’t blocked in sellers’ accounts for days or weeks, without anyone being able to take advantage of it and Customer Support gets rid of a big part of that huge volume of work they have to go through on a daily basis.

Please like this if you think it’s a good idea. Maybe Fiverr admins will also think it’s a good idea and we will be able to forget about incomplete orders forever. <:-P

Kind Regards,


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Reply to @musiclover: I thought about 48 hours because I usually reply very fast to all orders. So since I let my buyers know that they already paid and that I need them to activate the gig by providing me information so that I can start working for them, they should normally get the message right away, thus realizing they forgot to submit the info.

So 48 hours is quite enough for them to tell me “Oops, I ordered by mistake, please cancel.” or “Sure, I will send info/script shortly”.

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Reply to @musiclover: What I’m saying is that if the buyers just forget to submit the information, sending them a message telling them they should do that reminds them and solves the problem.

The real problem are those people that don’t reply even after we tell them that they ordered and that we need info to start working or that if they want the order cancelled, they should still say something in there, so that it becomes active and we can do a mutual cancellation.

I really don’t even want their money. I just want those orders gone without ME having to continuously bother Customer Support just because SOMEONE ELSE made a mistake.

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