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My 30day journey to Level 2!


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So I have just become a level 2 seller! An achievement of which I am very proud.

Here is a short story of my journey and hopefully some useful information for fellow sellers.

I only discovered and joined Fiverr in December 2014 after looking for someone to do a logo for my Youtube channel. I was amazed at the fact that I had access to such incredible services for relatively low prices. I am fortunate enough to be an audio professional, with abilities that lend themselves very well to selling through the Fiverr platform, so I decided to create gigs and become a seller. After a few weeks of research and structuring the gigs that I wanted to create, I activated my first gigs on the 20th of January 2015. A week went by and I had absolutely no activity on my gigs, but then on 26 Jan I got my first sale! Today (20 February 2015) I reached Level 2 - exactly 1 month after activating my first gigs. While there is plenty of valuable information on these forums with regard to selling, here is what I have learned and what I believe helped me.

With regard to customer service:

  1. COMMUNICATION - buyers really appreciate being kept in the loop. As a buyer, I ordered a gig and did not hear a word from the seller until the delivery 10days later. I feel this is unacceptable. A simple message acknowledging receipt of the order and a few updates throughout the process is all it takes to let buyers feel comfortable.

  2. QUALITY - $5 may not be much to charge for a service, but if you have accepted that fee for your service, you need to deliver the best you can accordingly.

  3. ADDED VALUE - Add value to your service through information and advice to the buyer, delivering quickly or offering any other additional benefits so your buyer really feels they’re getting good "bang for their buck"

    With regard to your gigs:
  4. REVIEW AND OPTIMISE - Constantly review your gigs and update where necessary, whether it is changing the gig description, the extras, the delivery time or the gig title. You will seldom get your gig 100% perfect on the first go, so keep working on it until it is delivering the sales it should be.

  5. COLLABORATION - collaborate with other Fiverr sellers to add value to your services. Get in touch with them before hand to be sure they can deliver! This has led to several extra sales for me through recommendations.

  6. STAY MOTIVATED - I have noticed definite highs and lows with my gig sales depending on where the gigs are showing in the various sections on Fiverr. Don’t be demotivated if your gigs show a drop in sales because it is far down on the “recommended” page. Thats a good time to review and optimise it.

  7. BRANDING - I have created a common brand identity across all my gigs making them easily recognisable amongst the many other gigs potential buyers will have in front of them.

    I don’t mean to come across as arrogant or as the all-knowing-Fiverr-expert with this post, these are simply my opinions and observations that will hopefully help a few sellers sell 🙂

    All the best with your sales!
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