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What is your favorite hobby?


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Everyone's Hobby is interesting. Happy to know.♥️

Some cannot distinguish between hobbies and passions.

Hobby: Hobbies are activities individuals participate in for enjoyment and skill development and they typically engage in them when they're bored, have spare time or want to relax.

Pasion: A passion is an interest or goal individuals invest time and effort into to grow in their personal or professional life.

Refarence: https://www.indeed.com/career-advice/finding-a-job/hobby-vs-passion#:~:text=Hobbies are activities individuals participate,their personal or professional life.


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I have a deep passion for traveling and exploring new places. Immersing myself in nature and experiencing the vast openness brings me a lot of happiness.

It is something special for me because travelling has benefits like it helps in personal growth and self-discovery and it also reduces stress. 

Travelling builds lifelong memories and experiences which is something I enjoy.

Thanks for reading everyone!

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