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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. I have learnt some important topic from your journey.
  2. Sometime brief don't match same to same with your gig service but match with your gig category. You should ignore this. If your are getting brief with other category then You can edit your gig and set your service related keyword. So Fiverr algorism will acknowledge about your service and then send related brief.
  3. What is a chargeback? A chargeback is a form of buyer protection issued by banks. They allow credit cardholders to file complaints relating to services received, and any fraudulent transactions that may have been made without buyer knowledge. A buyer's credit card company informs Fiverr of the chargeback, and may request: Transaction information Proof of delivery Proof of refund Important: Fiverr has a specific amount of time to respond to the credit card company with the requested information.
  4. Fiverr sending your phone verification. But you don't received. Check your phone network. If your SIM network is weak then code not received in your phone. Also do free your phone storage. Sometime new message don't received for your internal storage full. Also allow permission for Fiverr app. Fiverr Support will reply with solution. But not achieving code may be your Phone and SIM problem.
  5. You have to recognize the scammer by conversation. Serious buyer have no time to discuss unnecessary topic. They focus only on their project. If you seem it an spammer then block him.
  6. You can share links, even contact number if it is needed for your part of your service. But don't share contact number intentionally contact with buyer outside the Fiverr. Then your account will be banned.
  7. Not all money you set as daily budget will be spent. So daily budget does not matter. You should on the auto bid.
  8. Thank you Kesha for your updates Fiverr’s Social Impact Hub. But I failed to sign up Fiverr's social impact programs and news including upcoming opportunities. Because the "Location" option is not working.
  9. Yes. You can. But if you want to share your gig link for marketing purpose then no need to share it.
  10. Create a New Gig option is showing in your profile. If you are facing any problem by clicking Create a new gig then contact Fiverr Support.
  11. This badge is related your repeat business score. If score is 95 and above then you will get this feature
  12. If you are a truly skilled Social Media Marketer then you can outreach the right people. Then convince them to buy your service and collect order in you Fiverr.
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